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Hammocks look harmless; however, if it is not properly set up, hammocks can be dangerous too, which may cause mild to severe physical injury.

Improper set up of hammock higher than 2 feet above the ground, above water, a rocky terrain, and even above a slope, can be too risky. So, if you are planning to invest a hammock for home use or overnight camping trips and it is your first time to choose, set up, and use one, here are some safety tips in setting up a hammock:

Tip #1: Check the hammock’s construction

If you are planning to personally purchase a hammock, make sure to inspect its construction. Is it well-manufactured from strong and durable materials? Do you find its construction weak? When purchasing a hammock, make sure to check and double-check every part and see if it is safe to use for both young and adult. Also, to ensure your safety and the safety of the person who’ll use the hammock, you have to purchase it from a reputable manufacturer.

Additionally, make sure to purchase a hammock that is comfortable to use. Choose a hammock that allows your body to comfortably ease inside it. You may read reliable product reviews on hammocks before investing in one.

Tip #2: Look for the safe place to hang the hammock

There are useful tips on how to properly hang the hammock in the online sphere, which you may also check out here. But, to ensure your safety when using a hammock, you should also give time to look for the right space or place to hang your hammock.

For outdoor, make sure that the two trees you are about to hang your hammock are at a good distance and both must be sturdy – strong enough to hold your weight. Also, you should hang your hammock on soft and safe terrain.

Tip #3: Set up your hammock at the right height

Hammocks come in different sizes and shapes and some hammocks are specifically designed for camping and outdoor leisure use. But did you know that every kind of hammock has height recommendation when it comes to setting it up? For instance, hammock with spreader bars is recommended to be hanged at 4 – 5 feet or 1.25 – 1.5 meters off from the ground. And if without spreader bars, these hammocks are recommended to be set up at 6 – 8 feet or 1.8 – 2.4 meters off from the ground; however, the height from the ground may also depend on the distance between bars. There are hammock manufacturers that provide these types of details.

Here is a quick way to properly set-up a hammock:

  • Measure the distance between the bars or the desired trees you want it to set it up. It is recommended that the distance between the two bars should be between 10 – 15 feet.
  • Make sure to tether the ropes well.
  • Third, secure the hammock onto the rope; tether it well.
  • Do a test run and climb into the hammock; adjust the ropes if it needs some adjustments.
  • Finally, get comfortable with your hammock if you find it safe and secure.