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When you are stressed out of your daily busy routine life, you need to have some quality time to relax and listen to your favorite music. Music is said to be the energy for your soul. Hence you can feel quite relaxed and comfortable when you feel vibes of music from a quality output device. Therefore, quality speakers are necessary for best audio experience. Now a days, you will find a lot of speakers that you can buy at various price points. Speakers may range from very low watt power to very high power output range. This watt power defines the quality of audio that is coming out of speakers.

If you are planning to invest in a quality Bluetooth operated speaker device that has also NFC enabled in it, Sharp GXBT9 can be your best bet in 2019. These are battery operated and portable speakers that run at 30 Watt power to provide you with deep BASS and quality low notes. In this article we will review the Sharp GXBT9 boom box speakers that are known for their high end features like NFC pairing by touching you smart device life cellphones with top of this speakers unit to provide you with instant synchronization.

Features of the Sharp GXBT9 boom box speakers:

Sharp GXBT9 boom box speakers are the most compact speakers that have nice weight to them and can occupy very less space as compared to other 30 Watt speaker units that are built for the same purpose. It generates immense power output to produce deep BASS and low notes at once.  Let us discuss some of the main features of these speakers.

1) Guitar universal jack:

All quality speakers comes with guitar jack so that you can connect the extension of your guitar cable with these speakers to listen to your guitar sound with more crispier audio output along with heavy Deep BASS notes. This ability makes these speakers one of the most versatile and advanced speakers that you can buy in 2019.

2) Cost effective and portable:

Sharp boom box speakers are known for their efficiency and cost effectiveness. You can get excellent value for your money that no other speaker set will provide you at this price point. Therefore, Sharp boom box speakers can be your best choice if you want quality audio output along with best value for your buck.

3) Improved Bluetooth pairing by NFC:

When we consider portable Bluetooth speakers, one of the main concerns is their Bluetooth connectively. Since many devices lose their signal or not even get paired easily. Sharp boom box speakers offer unique combination of Bluetooth along with built-in NFC that helps in instant pairing and also helps in maintaining strong signal strength at long distance. The only con associated with these speakers is that they do not come with built-in CD player hence you can use them for audio playback directly from Bluetooth enabled or NFC enabled devices like your laptops or tablets and smart phones.