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The human ear can handle sounds with a maximum of 85 decibels and anything above it is considered harmful; causing either temporary or permanent damage to hearing.

You cannot always prevent hearing loss – that is the fact – however, you can always minimize the possibilities of being at risk of weakened sense of hearing or complete loss of it, either on one ear or both of it. The problem is, not everyone cares about losing or having weakened hearing that is why it is no longer surprising to read about how the prevalence of NIHL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss) have gone up drastically since 1995 around the globe (120 million cases of NIHL 1995 – 466 million cases of NIHL 2018).

If you love your hearing health, you should start thinking of ways how to protect hearing and ear health; here are a few effective ways to do that:

#1: Keep the volume down

One of the causes of hearing loss is noise-induced. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, at about 1.1 billion of young adults and teens are at risk of NIHL or Noise-Induced Hearing Loss caused by unsafe usage of audio devices.

Inappropriate loud sound while using ear headphones is one of the causes of NIHL. Listening to audio using headphones every day above 60 percent of volume can hurt your eardrum; especially, if you are using the earbuds type of earphones. A piece of earbud can fit straight next to the eardrum, and using it in high volume every day can cause either temporary or permanent damage to eardrum and hearing.

So, if you are fond of using headphones and earbud types of earphones, you should keep the volume below 60 percent.

#2: Use hearing protection when in near with loud noise

Work-related hearing loss is another cause of NIHL; where individuals working at airline grounds, clubs, concerts, band, construction sites, and those that work with big machines that produce loud noises are prone to hearing loss.

To reduce the risk of losing hearing at work try using hearing protection when possible; if you are having trouble choosing earbuds or earmuffs, at there are a lot of details about ear gears and ear protections against loud and ear-damaging noises that will help you choose which one is the best. 

#3: Restrict from using too much cotton swabs 

As much as you want to keep your ear clean, it is not advisable to keep using cotton swabs. According to the experts, cleaning the ear using cotton swabs will only push the dirt inside the canal, which blocks the sound pass into the eardrum; thus, making it difficult to listen.

So, instead of cleaning the ear with too much use of cotton swabs, try to clean your ear with a damp towel. 

Final Thoughts

The ears are one of the sensitive parts of the body; cleaning the ear the wrong way, listening to any audio above 60 percent volume, and not using ear gear against loud noise at work can cause problems to your hearing either temporary or permanent. So, if you want to keep your ears and your hearing healthy and clear, make sure to keep distance to loud music as much as possible and clean your ears accordingly.