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In this age of technology, kids are growing up attached to the TV set. Interaction among family members is at the minimum. Without the technology nanny, parents are facing bigger challenges in keeping the kids at bay while attending to household chores or taking conference calls. The following indoor activities ideas may help in meeting this challenge.

• Family Heirloom. Create a family tree with photos of members of favorite relatives. Shout out the name of the relative and ask kids to point to the corresponding picture. The kids can also help in making a scrapbook or album of the photos of the family and favorite relatives. The kids can add their art to these family story records. One other way of contributing to the story is asking the kids to make greeting cards for grandparents and other favorite relatives with the use of colored markers and stickers and glitter glue. For the toddlers, older kids or parents can write the messages.

• Creative Art.  Convert the living room into a stage. Install a video to record the performances. Ask the kids to choose a song and belt it out. Another group art making game is making a collage. Gather some old magazines, pens, glitter glue pens, photographs and cardboard. Ask the kids to use the magazines and photographs to create a story. A variation is to use stickers instead of magazines and photographs. You may also want to try coloring activities with your kids. These days, there are online coloring pages that feature video game characters. You can see them here: and you can color and print the pages with your kids. They can be framed for posterity and conversation pieces during family affairs.

• Assistant Cook. Ask the kids to assist in cooking meals and preparing refreshments. They can peel vegetables, spices, and give the next ingredient to mom while she is cooking. They can also participate in preparing sugar pizzas by putting their choice of toppings of jam, cheese, peanut butter, nuts and chocolate bits. The toddler can be strapped to the high chair where mom and older siblings can be watched doing their cooking activity. They will surely love the aromas that arise out of the cooking.

• Family Picnic in the Family Room. Put all assortments of picnic foods on the table like water bottles, cheese, nuts, and chocolates, box of juices, paper plates, forks, knives, spoons and table napkins. Prepare the sandwiches if the kids are not yet able to do so.  Ask the kids to pack them in the picnic basket. Bring them to the family room where a blanket was previously spread. Ask the kids to unpack and have a great lunch!

• Storytelling with a Twist. One of the more popular indoor activities ideas is storytelling but there is a twist here. Read to the toddlers or ask the older kids to take turns reading. At a certain point, ask questions and how they feel about the story or certain characters. Then ask them to continue the story the way they want to.

Family bonding is definitely fun. These indoor activities ideas create interaction moments, truly unforgettable.