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If you already own a countertop blender then you can already do a lot of things, especially if it’s a good one. Through that regular blender, you can do a lot of important tasks in the kitchen like creating homemade mayonnaise, crushing ice, and pureeing vegetables. That’s fairly enough if it’s doing its job properly. Why would you even spend money on purchasing an immersion blender for your kitchen?

Well, the answer is obvious: to experience convenience inside the kitchen. An immersion blender goes by other names like hand blender or stick blender. It is a small-sized machine that can be easily stored in your kitchen cabinet. You can even use it with a single hand because it’s very light. Moreover, the simple construction of this blender makes it possible to blend food directly in a jar, measuring cup or a pot. That is less dishes for you to clean.

If you own a countertop blender and are tired of washing the jar every after blending tasks, then it is time to get an immersion blender. Since it is very handy, you don’t have to worry about cleaning tasks afterward. However, if you don’t own a regular blender and you want a kitchen appliance that can do the same function conveniently, an immersion blender is perfect for you.

What can an immersion blender offer?

  • It can easily create creamy soups

If you love having smooth and creamy butternut squash or tomato soup, then there is no other easy way of creating them but with this awesome kitchen device. Most soup recipes require you to sauté in a saucepan the aromatics before adding other ingredients and simmering. Through an immersion blender, you can puree your soup directly in the pot because its wand or long shaft can be immersed in the mixture; unlike your regular blender where you will need to transfer all the contents of the pot into the jar. It can even risk you from getting burned if the contents accidentally splash on your skin.

  • It can effortlessly create homemade mayonnaise

You can create homemade mayonnaise through various methods like using a whisk by hand, a food processor, or in a countertop blender.

However, the disadvantage of using those big machines is you can’t make small amounts of mayonnaise. The containers are too big and if you put a small amount, it would be impossible for the whisk to reach it. As a result, your lemon juice and egg yolk would go splattering on the jar’s wall.

While if you use hand-whisking, you can yield a better texture but it can exhaust you unless you’re like a robot that never experiences fatigue.

Moreover, all those methods require you to slowly add oil at a steady stream. It means that you need good control and of course, patience.

There are a lot of companies that offer immersion blenders. However, you must be careful enough to determine which of them deserves your attention and money. If unsure and confused, you can take a look at OXA smart immersion blender. You can read reviews about why OXA Smart Immersion Blender is a fantastic choice.