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Disk cloning is one of the essential processes in the computer world; this includes duplicating the computer’s OS (operating system), software, drives, patches, and more. The process of disk cloning also eliminates tedious but demanding processes of manual system reconfiguration and system reinstallation whenever the following are performed:


  • Rebooting and restoring the computer for a newer version.
  • Setting multiple computers for duplicate configurations.
  • Upgrading the drives to bigger hard drive capacity.
  • Replacing a damaged hard drive.
  • Completing the system recovery in the event of computer failure or software problems.

The Difference between Software Backup and Cloning Software

Isn’t the process of software back up the same with software cloning?

Not likely.

The process using backup software is creating an image file for backup in case of software disaster, while the software used for disk cloning is copying or moving the entire hard drive contents from the original drive to another drive.

If you are unsure whether you should use backup software or cloning software, you just need to remember the following tips:

Using Backup Software

  • You need to backup folders or individual files to the cloud for remote access and offsite protection.
  • For disk-image back-ups such as the computer’s boot information, settings, applications, and essential data that are stored in the external drive, local drive, and the cloud.

Using Cloning Software

Disk cloning is a onetime time computer process that allows you to clone one disk to another disk to transfer the system configuration, data, software, drive, and more to a new and larger drive or new machine.

Is it hard to do software cloning?

Not really.

All you need is the right software cloning tool that provides you faster and accurate cloning process. If you are going to purchase a tool for disk cloning, the following is what we think are the top 3 cloning software that is available in the market today.

  • NTI Echo 2019 – One of the best cloning software in the computer world today. It is easy to use, makes an accurate copy of HDD and or SDD. Also, it offers a 1-to-1 Cloning option, Dynamic Resizing Cloning, and Partition Cloning.
  • Seifelden Disk Cloning Software – notable cloning software in the market today. It features Imaging Backup, Restoration Hard Drive Tools Backup, and Imaging Tools.
  • Acronis True Image 2018-3 Computer Backup Software – One of the fastest backup and recovery software you can find today. It offers AES-256 encryption and Ransomware protection, allowing you to save and secure the drive or data that you are trying to duplicate. Also, it is compatible with multiple operating systems.

Should you invest in cloning software?

If your work uses a computer all the time, you need to invest a good disk cloning software;

  • It makes migration and duplication of drive, software, data, and more easy and convenient.
  • It allows you to restore several computers simultaneously.
  • Secures your data when transferring or duplicating data, drive, software, and more.

If you need additional detail about cloning software try to visit App Soft Hub’s website.