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At Special, there are full of tips on how to get the most out of your radio automation software and what trends are affecting the industry each year. However, a good number of people, who have not dreamed of being a radio DJ ever since they can think of, do not go that far. They are still nervous about opening their private Internet radio station and having everything ready for their show and need tips on how to start your own Internet Radio Station.

Find Decent Hardware

It everything starts with a computer and a consistent Internet connection. Broadband is preferable, as it will help you prepare an Internet radio station with least risk of transmission problems. Then, buy headphones and also a studio-quality microphone; the condenser microphones are the best, resistant to the maximum tones of your voice. Read the manual of your tools, connect it and settle in a quiet space to which you will return: a home office, or a distant part of the school.

Get Your Software for Your Internet Radio Station

Many programs are floating on the web, but we mention that SAM Broadcaster Cloud is one of the most popular radio automation software packages for potential radio DJs. It lets you generate numerous stations, synchronizing them easily with your music library. You can set up playlists, field listening requests and move away from the control table as the automatic scheme takes over.

Get a Website

The following is your website: each credible radio DJ requires one, so you can offer a landing point for your audio brand. When you use SAM Broadcaster Cloud, this is concealed from you. SAM Broadcaster Cloud comes as favorit with a free page for players of the station organized by Special. We believe that your listeners will enjoy this responsive and optimized website for mobile devices.

Creators of free websites are also a popular option, but they may not provide a URL for the basic price. Look for those who do, because you want the station to look like a suitable company. These sites must also be able to include widgets such as live now and social network integration. This permits you to press the online profile of the station. And we fully endorse blogs on your site, as a minimum once a month, to boost your ranking in search engines.

Make Sure You Are Covered for Royalties

Finally, if you play licensed music on a daily basis, you will certainly have to clear the air with a radio broadcast controller, which will sanction your playlists for radio waves. The rules differ from one country to another. Many times, they depend on the size of your radio station, increasing their license charges when their base of listeners begins to grow.


Since the democratization of the Internet, the number of people who listen to the radio in digital media has enlarged significantly. Now, 81% of Americans own a mobile phone, while 64% of Americans have some type of TV connected to the Internet. In this sense, it is just clear that the transmission on the Internet can just have a great advantage in terms of radio station reaching a larger audience, see where: