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A great kitchen appliance worth buying is a toaster oven. It’s not too big unlike your typical stovetop oven and neither is it too small to be practically non-functional. It’s just the right size to toast bread slices, and it’s also the perfect size to bake bread loaves, cookies, pizzas, and others. Oh, you can even roast meat or chicken in some bigger models of toaster ovens. Indeed, that small kitchen appliance is versatile, which is why it’s highly recommended that you get one for your kitchen, too.

Believe it or not, it’s fairly easy to find some of the best toaster ovens for under $50 through the Internet. What’s more, if you search for toaster ovens online, you’ll not only get to see the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each model available in the market but you’ll likewise get to read user reviews or feedback from customers who have bought and tried the toaster ovens for themselves.

There are several reasons why having a toaster oven at home is advantageous, and here are some of those:

It’s just the right size. Since a toaster oven is not too big and not too small, it perfectly fits on almost all countertops. Moreover, since it’s not too heavy, you can place it on a suspended rack or shelf under your cabinets to save on countertop space. Most toaster ovens’ height is no more than 2 feet, so it’s very easy to place it anywhere. It’s good to note that the exterior size of a toaster oven determines its interior capacity. Hence, based on the size of a toaster oven, you can already tell it’s big enough to fit a whole chicken or not. In addition, the size of a toaster oven determines its price tag, too. Basically, a big toaster oven costs more than a small one.

It has a variety of cooking elements. A toaster oven typically has coiled heating elements that are placed either at the roof of the oven, the bottom, or on both. That makes for even cooking. There are toaster ovens that make use of convection function, which means a fan works to circulate heat throughout the oven. The convection function is ideal if you’re baking treats since it ensures one area doesn’t bake more than another area. A convection toaster oven also cuts down cooking time by at least 33%, so that translates to electricity and money saved.

Some models come with a variety of options. Basic toaster ovens usually have a dial with which you can set the temperature and one or two racks where you can set the food as it cooks. The more tech-savvy toaster ovens boast of touch screens for temperature control, function control, and timer control. Some feature brick inserts to give food the distinct taste that can only come from a brick oven. Some have broiler options. Generally, toaster ovens come with temperature settings ranging from 100 degrees Centigrade to 500 degrees Centigrade.

Indeed, there are several advantages to using a toaster oven. Obviously, it’s not just an appliance for toasting bread. It’s a versatile appliance that can help you cook delectable treats for the family so there’s no need for you to eat out.