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Our Radio station is a non-profit people radio channel specializing in making Classical Music a more significant part of people’s lifestyles.

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To create classical music and the arts a major part of more people’s lives by introducing top quality classical music programming.


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 Mozart in the Morning

 Ray White begins your morning with a little Mozart, from his most famous to the lesser understood, weekday mornings at 9am

Baroque by the Bay

Jeffrey Thomas, our resident baroque professional, includes music from the Renaissance to the Baroque and outside. This two-hour weekly series explores a Superb mixture of songs for a Sunday morning, showcasing local bands specializing in this audio.

  The State of the Arts

The Bay Area has a number of the planet’s best-known performing arts organizations and cultural offerings. Every day, Jeffrey Freymann showcases actions, concerts, soloists and ensembles coming throughout the region.


How to Become a Sociable Person in this Modern Age?

Is it easy to socialize?

Each person has a different answer to this question. An extrovert would say, socializing is not a hard thing to do. You can make friends anywhere you go. However, introverts say otherwise.  Socializing is a lot of work for them. For a person who enjoys solitude more, conversing with strangers and meeting new people is not an easy thing to do.

Are you an introvert who wants to come out of his shell?

As the saying goes, no man is an island. Even introverts who love being left alone sometimes wishes for a company from time to time. So, if you want to become more sociable, here is what you need to do.

Thanks to technology, there are several channels that you can choose to socialize with another person. There are social networking sites and media that allow you to reach other people across the globe.

Linking with another individual might not be the problem. The real question is this; how to be more sociable?

Technology also has the answer. There are online sources that teach men how to improve their social skills. For example, YouTube has many videos with such content. Also, there are free articles for men who prefer to self-educate themselves on socializing.

One of the leading online programs that will help you become a sociable version of yourself is the Social Man.

All about the Social Man

The Social Man is a more modern approach of teaching men to become sociable and how to catch a girlfriend. Similar programs to the Social Man offer a single course; but not this one.

This online program consists of several courses or manuals. Hence, it offers multiple approaches to how you can improve your socializing skills. This program utilizes a structured and progressive path to guide you in socializing. Moreover, the program comes with free consultation and advice to guide you throughout the course.

How to Get the Social Man Program?

Before you decide to become a member of this program, you should read a straightforward review of the Social Man here at Date and Simple.

Reading product review sources will help you determine if the program is worth spending money or not. Furthermore, online sources like this also post honest content of other leading online courses for socializing and dating. You can check out the Date and Simple to find out customer feedbacks and reviews about this program.

If the features of this course interest you, then the next thing you need to do is be a member of it.

You can only avail the Social Man if you become a member. You have to register and pay to complete the registration process. Once the Social Man confirms that you already are a member, you’ll receive the complete program with bonuses.

To know how to access the Social Man, go to Date and Simple.


Becoming a sociable person is a lot easier at this age. The internet has countless of media where you can socialize. All you have to do is make the first move.

Learn more about socializing and dating at Date and Simple. Check it out now!

The Best Floor Jack for Heavy-Duty Lifting

A floor jack is one of the standard tools a car owner must have in his toolbox. Owning a floor jack allows you to save money from expensive car repairs. It also a great lifesaver when you experience car troubles while on the road. And, if you are a mechanic or running a small car repair shop, you’ll need this equipment.

When it comes to floor jacks, most buyers make the mistake of choosing cheaper items. Well, floor jacks are nothing cheap; the price tag starts from $100. Cheap floor jacks usually have poor build and lack safety measures. Moreover, it can only lift limited vehicles. Floor jacks intended for heavy-duty lifting and have complete safety features are more expensive.

So, if you are planning to buy a floor jack, ask yourself first; is settling for a cheap floor jack worth risking your safety?

A good rule of thumb when it comes to selecting a floor jack is to go big. It is wise to select a well-known brand with a great reputation. And, one of these reputable floor jacks is Powerbuilt.

Who’s Powerbuilt?

The Powerbuilt is a well-established name in this industry. Mechanics and automotive professionals highly recommend this brand for they have the best floor jacks when it comes to heavy-lifting.

For sure, you are getting curious about this item. If you want to check a really detailed review regarding Powerbuilt floor jack, visit the Auto Aid Outlet website.

What makes it the Best?

There are several reasons to love this item. Aside from earning excellent reviews and high satisfaction rating from customers, there is more to this product in terms of technical aspects. Here it is.

  • Incredible Power

Are you looking for a powerful floor jack?

No need to look further! The Powerbuilt 620422E is the best out there.

This floor jack from Powerbuilt has a lifting capacity of 4, 000 pounds, which means you can use it to lift different types of vehicles. Moreover, it comes with an impressive lift range that starts from 5.5 inches and can go up to 17.5 inches.

Furthermore, the triple-lift technology of this floor jack is one of its notable features. This feature supports heavy-duty lifting which is a basic requirement for workshop owners and automobile enthusiasts.

  • A Versatile Tool

Traditional floor jacks can lift only up two to three types of vehicle. The Powerbuilt triple-lift floor jack is nothing alike standard versions. It comes with a patented design, featuring a removable saddle and padded rails to support various automotive frames.

Together with this feature and the impressive lifting capacity of the item, the Powerbuilt 620422E can lift motorcycles, cars, ATVs, UTVs, and trucks.

  • 100% Safe

This floor jack by Powerbuilt is guaranteed safe to use. It has a locking safety bar that holds the jack in place when raised. The broad base of the equipment provides more stability. And, it has tie-down points to secure motorcycles.

The Verdict

Honestly, the Powerbuilt two-ton, triple-lift floor jack is not the cheapest option. The selling price of the item starts at $182. But the features and advanced technology of this product is indeed worth the price.

If you need the best floor jack for professional and personal use, the Powerbuilt is an excellent choice.

Review of the Sharp GXBT9 Boom Box Speakers

When you are stressed out of your daily busy routine life, you need to have some quality time to relax and listen to your favorite music. Music is said to be the energy for your soul. Hence you can feel quite relaxed and comfortable when you feel vibes of music from a quality output device. Therefore, quality speakers are necessary for best audio experience. Now a days, you will find a lot of speakers that you can buy at various price points. Speakers may range from very low watt power to very high power output range. This watt power defines the quality of audio that is coming out of speakers.

If you are planning to invest in a quality Bluetooth operated speaker device that has also NFC enabled in it, Sharp GXBT9 can be your best bet in 2019. These are battery operated and portable speakers that run at 30 Watt power to provide you with deep BASS and quality low notes. In this article we will review the Sharp GXBT9 boom box speakers that are known for their high end features like NFC pairing by touching you smart device life cellphones with top of this speakers unit to provide you with instant synchronization.

Features of the Sharp GXBT9 boom box speakers:

Sharp GXBT9 boom box speakers are the most compact speakers that have nice weight to them and can occupy very less space as compared to other 30 Watt speaker units that are built for the same purpose. It generates immense power output to produce deep BASS and low notes at once.  Let us discuss some of the main features of these speakers.

1) Guitar universal jack:

All quality speakers comes with guitar jack so that you can connect the extension of your guitar cable with these speakers to listen to your guitar sound with more crispier audio output along with heavy Deep BASS notes. This ability makes these speakers one of the most versatile and advanced speakers that you can buy in 2019.

2) Cost effective and portable:

Sharp boom box speakers are known for their efficiency and cost effectiveness. You can get excellent value for your money that no other speaker set will provide you at this price point. Therefore, Sharp boom box speakers can be your best choice if you want quality audio output along with best value for your buck.

3) Improved Bluetooth pairing by NFC:

When we consider portable Bluetooth speakers, one of the main concerns is their Bluetooth connectively. Since many devices lose their signal or not even get paired easily. Sharp boom box speakers offer unique combination of Bluetooth along with built-in NFC that helps in instant pairing and also helps in maintaining strong signal strength at long distance. The only con associated with these speakers is that they do not come with built-in CD player hence you can use them for audio playback directly from Bluetooth enabled or NFC enabled devices like your laptops or tablets and smart phones.

The Top 5 Toilet Models


The market offers several products for the toilets and you don’t want to gamble in buy one. In this article, I will highlight the types of toilets and a few things to look for in a toilet, but most importantly, a list of the top 5 products.

Before I proceed to list the top 5, it’s imperative that you understand the types of toilets. There are many things to look for in a toilet, they come in different designs, contemporary and classic. Besides, they differ in their functioning and reliability. This necessitates a choice, the environment and condition of the place the toilet will be installed should be taken into consideration.

Types of toilets

Whereas this section deals with types of toilets, let me just mention some of the popular brands of toilets, Toto, Kohler, American Standard, Mansfield Plumbing, and Woodbridge Bath. Also, find the below types of toilets.

1.The low-level toilet. They have their cistern fixed to the wall, are low to the ground, and have a short pipe that connects the cistern and the toilet.

2. Close Coupled toilet. They have a handle or push button on their which controls the flushing. They are floor standing and have their cistern attached to the back of their seat.

3. Back to wall toilets. They space because it has its cistern directly in the unit or concealed in the wall. They have a variety of flush mechanisms, sensor flush kit, lever flush, and push button.

4. Wall hung toilets. They also save a lot of apace since they are installed and fixed to a wall or panel such that they appear floating above the floor.

The best toilet models

 If you are looking for a toilet that does very well in flushing and cleaning the bowl and efficient, then the below brands might surprise you.

1.TOTO CST744SL #01 Drake. It is a hybrid of traditional design and advanced technology which ensures enough flushing power and maintenance of sanitation.

2. American Standard 2862.056.020 Fairfield. It has a 2” trap way which makes the exit of waste from the bowl easier. It’s slightly lower than the rest, powerful, easy to clean, effective in flushing, and very quiet.

3. Woodbridge Bath T-0006. It doesn’t use a lot of water but it’s very effective in eliminating waste. It, therefore, will save you from exorbitant water bills yet still affordable. Most users consider it the most effective and stylish brand.

4. TOTO MS604114CEFG#1 Ultramax 11 HET Double Cyclone. It’s one of the high-end toilet fixtures and costs quite expensively, but its service is worth the price. It uses less water per flush and performs exceptionally well in all other aspects. Also, it has a clean solid look, a streamlined design, an excellent flushing design, and is ADA compliant.

5. Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort, 1.28 GPF (Aqua Piston Flush). It’s affordable and has excellent performance, and aesthetically good to look at. It has a system of Aquapiston canister which allows water to flow around the rim and along the sides of the bowl to maintain the toilet clean after every flush.


Any of the brands listed will not disappoint, however, I expect you to select based on what you can afford, preferences and needs, and availability of space.

How to Easily Update Your Look on a Budget

Have you reached a point in life at which you feel like you are not happy with the way you look anymore? Do you feel like you have nothing nice to wear and that whatever you do in terms of hair and makeup, it simply doesn’t look good? We all go through moments like this and the good news is that a few simple, fast and easy changes can help you obtain that ‘’something different’’ that you are desperately searching for. Check out the list below and get some useful tips and tricks on how to update your look; the best thing about these tips and tricks is that they are affordable, so they won’t cost a fortune. Unfortunately, a lot of women have this wrong impression that they need a lot of money if they want to obtain a full makeover. So, here are a few things that you can do in order to obtain a different, more modern and fresh look.

1. Change the color of your eyeliner. You might be using the classic, old black and you might have the impression that it looks good on you. We’re not saying that it doesn’t but you should definitely try something different. Try some color in order to obtain new effects.

2. A new hair shade is another affordable and quick way in which you can update your look. A simple visit to the salon and a shade which is in trend will be enough in order to help you obtain some changes that you will be happy with.

3. Update the monotone approach in your wardrobe and opt for an unexpected pattern. This will make you feel different and it will help you look different and there is one thing that we can guarantee: people will notice.

4. If you have plenty of very cool pieces in your wardrobe but you are not creative enough to combine them, you can now digitally do this with the help of specialized apps. There are apps in which you can create outfits based on what you have in the wardrobe, so check them out and try them; I am sure that you will be thrilled with the outcome.

5. Wear statement accessories. Statement earrings, for example, will take any classic, even dull outfit to the next level and it will make it stand out. If you are not used with statement accessories, the first times you’ll be wearing them you will be feeling a bit odd but you will surely get used to it and get used to the compliments that you will be receiving.

6. Some primer oil put in your foundation will help you obtain a very nice glow which others won’t have; you will stand out thanks to this trick and those who will see you will have the impression that there is something very special about your face.

Try these easy tips and tricks and your overall look will surely be updated; what is great is that you will be thrilled with the outcome.

Great Reviews of Loud Portable Boomboxes

Are you looking for the loudest portable boomboxes? If yes, then consider reading this article because I will give some great reviews of loud portable boomboxes in the market.

Loud portable boomboxes are great and cool audio devices that you can carry with you wherever you go. Whether you are partying at the beach, indoor or outdoor activities, friends night out and hangouts, and even family reunions, these portable boomboxes are really useful to have. You can just play different types of music in just using your fingertips by connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth or USB connector. These devices are now modernized that it has different jacks and slots, perfect for different storage devices such as SD Cards, flash drives, etc. Thus, having these great portable boomboxes could be great entertainment for you and your friends and family too. Here are some really loud portable boomboxes reviews that you should check out:

Brookstone Big Blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker – Designed for outdoor and indoor party events such as birthdays, friends hangouts, family events, outdoor camps, etc. It is portable to carry wherever you go because it is lightweight only. It measures 6.2 x 6.2 x 15.8 inches and only weighs 12 pounds. It has four built-in speakers that sound up to 360 degrees. It also includes a subwoofer, radiator, and four drivers that make loud music to be enjoyable and more fun. It is weather and waterproof resistant that makes it be perfect in outdoor parties like beach and pool parties. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be used up to 4 hours. The best feature of this boombox is that it can be operated through a laptop, PC or your phone through NFC or Bluetooth device. It can connect up to 33 feet distance, thus perfect for you to operate and change the music as long as you want. This is a 72 watts omnidirectional speaker that has a full range of stereo and offers manuals for the bass and volume controls.

G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Speaker – Powered by an ion-lithium rechargeable battery, this boombox speakers can be connected to your phone, laptop or tablet within 30 feet range as long as there’s a Bluetooth connection. It also offers 3.5 mm AUX-IN jack that you can use to connect if your Bluetooth is not available. It can be powered by AC power and can last up to 6 measures 11.8 x 4.9 x 10.2 inches and weighs 7 pounds.  It offers a full set of playback buttons with a special EQ button that you can control manually for playlists and other settings. This is great if you don’t want to use your phone to be connected to this boombox. Other features include an integrated top handle, MAXX audio digital sound processing technology, rugged housing, dual rear-firing bass ports, 2.1 speaker settings, and protective rubber case.

For more reviews of loud portable boomboxes, check out our posts at From there, you can find great lists of top rated boomboxes that surely you will love. In finding the best boomboxes, compared the different products and choose the best features that you think will make it stand out among others. Most of the users love boomboxes that can last longer in hours of use. While others love to explore its best features on their phones and laptops. Check them out now and get your loudest portable boomboxes to enjoy with your friends and family!

Importance of Raised Toilet Seats for Disabled

As people grow older, their needs change. In early age, we do not require any sort of support in getting up or sitting down but with the increasing age, body limitations start to overcome our movement. Movement of body parts become restricted. In these conditions, it becomes very important to have a support system in each phase of your life. For example, you need to carry a stick or helping walker to assist you in your walking. In the same way, different sanitary fitting companies have produced toilet seat risers that can help you in easy and comfortable sitting position and posture.

In old age or if you become ill you might want to consider using raised toilet seats.

When you are planning to invest in these products you get confused in selection of the best products that can justify your investment.

Important aspects of raised toilet seats:

There are many toilet seat risers with different support systems that are present in market these days. Let us discuss some important aspects of raised toilet seats. These advantages are as follows:

  • Toilet accessories are one of the main things that have become necessities over the past few years and the toilet products like raised toilet seats and toilet handle bars are in use from last decade. These raised seats helps patients, elderly people and disabled people who want to have some sort of support where they can sit and get up easily without any strain to body muscles.
  • People may include handicapped, medically unfit, patients, elderly people and Senior citizens that need proper help and are unable to sit comfortably on lowered seats. These seats comply with Medical Handicap Bathroom Safety Height Chair rules and are easily usable by elderly people. Moreover the seat height is slightly adjustable too. Tall and High Portable Extender is used in these seats that make is used to adjust the seat according to your need
  • These are simple yet very elegant and stylish. These seats offer comfortable sitting posture and have right amount of height of average consumer. These are produced in white simple ceramic material that is very strong and it lasts very long. Moreover it is very easily cleanable and manageable in short time.
  • Seat raisers are very economical. It is very cheap and an economical option when you are looking for a best option for your toilet riser. Elongated seats help in better sitting position and gives relaxed postures for elderly people for whom sitting is very important. It relieves stress on leg muscles and helps in comfortable sitting and rising.
  • Movement of body parts become restricted. In these conditions, it becomes very important to have a support system in each phase of your life. For example, you need to carry a stick or helping walker to assist you in your walking. In the same way, different sanitary fitting companies have produced toilet seat risers that can help you in easy and comfortable sitting position and posture

Hence raised toilet seats can be your best bet when you are going to invest in good quality toilet accessories.

Different Types of Medium Short Haircuts For Men

Do you want to try a new handsome look without compromising your hairstyle? Or do you want to try the medium short type of haircut? Which haircut is do you think best and suited for your appearance and your lifestyle? Sometimes, when you are just sticking in your classic haircut, you might have missed the modern hairstyles that new generations are in. It is not that bad though to be modernized in terms of haircuts and hairstyles, especially if you really need to adapt in the modernization just like in your work, community and even in schools. Well, in this article, discover here the different types of medium and short haircuts for men.

Classic Short Haircuts – If you want to maintain a safe and neutral haircut, then this classic short is best for you. This type of haircut does not shave too short but needs frequent maintenance of trimming. If you think that this haircut will suit the features of your face, then go for it. This is best for the middle-aged man who does not want to choose the modernized haircut styles of the millennials.

Buzz Shape – Hair shaved to zero haircuts that do not requires trimming maintenance. This is also a common haircut for those men who experienced baldness problems. One thing to consider in this type of haircut is the shape of your skull as well as your face features. Make sure that this will look good to you. In choosing this type of haircut, you can even shave it at home using the high quality of hair clippers and trimmers.

Asymmetrical Cut – An eye-catching type of haircut that is usually chosen by the millennials.A creative style of haircut that young generations loved to express their own personality. This type of haircut has vibrant colors as well as highlights that you can choose suited to your personality. This might be the latest generation haircuts that you can see mostly in the streets, schools, and work too. Even professionals can choose this kind of haircut.

Undercut Fade Haircut – Also called as a low fade haircut that is already present back in the ’50s and ’60s. This type of haircut can be done through the use of fade hair clipper or trimmer in order to trim the side and the back area of your head. This type of short trimmed haircut is also embraced by the young generations as well as to the middle-aged men. This type of haircut is tested and proven that is effective from before until today’s generations. Trimming maintenance for this type of haircut can be done once or twice a month.

These are just examples of medium shore types of haircuts that might be in for you. Whatever is your choice, make sure that you have tried to look visualize yourself if it is really suited to your facial type and lifestyle too. If you want to try for a new haircut, you can try to download apps just like the that helps you to find the best and suitable hairstyle. This is really effective since you can see the possible outcome of your appearance when you try different haircuts. For more details on how to find the best haircuts, check out at

Learn to Choose a Heavy Bag

Have you decided to begin some heavy bag training because you have lots of friends who are now in excellent shape and who managed to lose a lot of weight thanks to it? Are you even willing to invest in a heavy bag to install at home so you can train whenever you have some free time available? Well, your choice for being more active is excellent. It truly is important to go with a healthier lifestyle if you want to avoid serious health problems later in life; we fully support your choice. Regarding the heavy bag, there is a wide selection available on the market and it might get a bit confusing and overwhelming to choose just one. The good news is that we are here to help and we will happily do this. You just have to check out the list of tips and tricks below and use these to guide your choice. So, here are the things that you should know in order to get the best heavy bags for your money:

  • Free standing versus hanging- This is the first decision that you need to make in order to be sure of the fact that you are going to end up spending your money on a heavy bag which perfectly suits your needs and preferences. They both come with their advantages and their disadvantages, so in the end it is a matter of personal needs, preferences and also the free space that you have available. The hanging bags will offer a better striking experience and since they tend to move whenever you hit them, this will prove to be very useful for helping you improve accuracy, speed and timing. However, setting up a hanging bag can be difficult and you clearly need a ceiling which can support the weight. Free standing bags are easy to move around and you can have them set up in literally any room that has some available space.
  • Choosing the weight. If you want to make sure of the fact that the bag that you will invest in is the right one, then you also need to pay attention to its weight. You need to opt for something that matches your skills and power. If you go with something too light, then a powerful kick might make it go flying; on the other hand, if you go with something too heavy, then it might be too much for you and you might end up hurting your hands and legs.
  • The filler material: There are a few options available on the market and the most popular ones are those made from fiber, which can be natural or synthetic, the ones made of foam, sand or water. They each have their advantages and their disadvantages so our recommendation is to do a bit of reading about each of them before you make your choice. An informed choice is always the one that best suits your needs and preferences. I know that you will make an investment that you will not regret.

What You Should Know About Café Biker Motorcycles

Do you feel very attracted by the idea of buying a café biker motorcycle? Do you already have some money saved and you want to make an idea about what to pay attention to before you spend your money so you can make the most of what you have? Maybe you have enough but it might also be the case that specialists will recommend you to wait for just a bit longer until you save some more or get a loan. We usually recommend a balance between price and quality but when it comes to café bikers, if you want quality and a good long term investment, then you have to go a bit higher with the price. The most expensive café bikers are also the best quality ones and the motorcycles which can last for decades in excellent condition if you properly take care of them.

Café racers have grown very popular, especially in the last few years, especially among those who prefer to just cruise around the city during hot summer days and who either don’t enjoy tour rides or who simply have another motorcycle for the long run rides. Why are café racers preferred around the city? Well, they are light weight, the engine is usually tuned and they have a minimalist bodywork. The ergonomics of their distinctive features make them eye catches, so if you plan to turn heads when you pass by on your motorcycle, then a café racer is the right choice.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider before you purchase a café biker. As a newbie in this field, you need to understand the fact that it is not just the cost of the actual bike that you will have to support. There are plenty of other associated costs which need to be taken into consideration and which should influence the final investment, so check out the list below to make an idea about what to pay attention to before you spend your money:

  • The actual cost of the ownership- The consumption associated costs and the life span of the bike will also matter when it comes to calculating the actual cost of the ownership; it is not just the cost of the bike that matters.
  • Equipment and maintenance- If you don’t have motorcycle riding equipment, you need to be aware of the fact that it is quite expensive and it adds to the final costs. Also, verify the costs of the pieces for the bike that you plan to buy, as there will be moments in which you will have to replace certain pieces.

Consider these costs, add them to the initial cost of the bike and you will understand whether or not you are prepare for the investment. In case you are, there are numerous café racer bikes which deserve your attention and you can click here to see them. Check them out as I know that there is one that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.


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