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To create classical music and the arts a major part of more people’s lives by introducing top quality classical music programming.


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 Mozart in the Morning

 Ray White begins your morning with a little Mozart, from his most famous to the lesser understood, weekday mornings at 9am

Baroque by the Bay

Jeffrey Thomas, our resident baroque professional, includes music from the Renaissance to the Baroque and outside. This two-hour weekly series explores a Superb mixture of songs for a Sunday morning, showcasing local bands specializing in this audio.

  The State of the Arts

The Bay Area has a number of the planet’s best-known performing arts organizations and cultural offerings. Every day, Jeffrey Freymann showcases actions, concerts, soloists and ensembles coming throughout the region.


Three Main Advantages of Toaster Ovens

A great kitchen appliance worth buying is a toaster oven. It’s not too big unlike your typical stovetop oven and neither is it too small to be practically non-functional. It’s just the right size to toast bread slices, and it’s also the perfect size to bake bread loaves, cookies, pizzas, and others. Oh, you can even roast meat or chicken in some bigger models of toaster ovens. Indeed, that small kitchen appliance is versatile, which is why it’s highly recommended that you get one for your kitchen, too.

Believe it or not, it’s fairly easy to find some of the best toaster ovens for under $50 through the Internet. What’s more, if you search for toaster ovens online, you’ll not only get to see the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each model available in the market but you’ll likewise get to read user reviews or feedback from customers who have bought and tried the toaster ovens for themselves.

There are several reasons why having a toaster oven at home is advantageous, and here are some of those:

It’s just the right size. Since a toaster oven is not too big and not too small, it perfectly fits on almost all countertops. Moreover, since it’s not too heavy, you can place it on a suspended rack or shelf under your cabinets to save on countertop space. Most toaster ovens’ height is no more than 2 feet, so it’s very easy to place it anywhere. It’s good to note that the exterior size of a toaster oven determines its interior capacity. Hence, based on the size of a toaster oven, you can already tell it’s big enough to fit a whole chicken or not. In addition, the size of a toaster oven determines its price tag, too. Basically, a big toaster oven costs more than a small one.

It has a variety of cooking elements. A toaster oven typically has coiled heating elements that are placed either at the roof of the oven, the bottom, or on both. That makes for even cooking. There are toaster ovens that make use of convection function, which means a fan works to circulate heat throughout the oven. The convection function is ideal if you’re baking treats since it ensures one area doesn’t bake more than another area. A convection toaster oven also cuts down cooking time by at least 33%, so that translates to electricity and money saved.

Some models come with a variety of options. Basic toaster ovens usually have a dial with which you can set the temperature and one or two racks where you can set the food as it cooks. The more tech-savvy toaster ovens boast of touch screens for temperature control, function control, and timer control. Some feature brick inserts to give food the distinct taste that can only come from a brick oven. Some have broiler options. Generally, toaster ovens come with temperature settings ranging from 100 degrees Centigrade to 500 degrees Centigrade.

Indeed, there are several advantages to using a toaster oven. Obviously, it’s not just an appliance for toasting bread. It’s a versatile appliance that can help you cook delectable treats for the family so there’s no need for you to eat out.

Top Reasons Why Personalized Gifts are Better for Mother’s Day

Every mother is special; they are their children’s number one fan, encourager, hero, and some are their only provider. So, this coming Mother’s day, would it be nice to give your mother something special to appreciate all the sacrifices that she has done for you?

If it is anything about a special gift, personalized gifts are better this coming Mother’s day, and you won’t go wrong with this service. Why choose personalized gifts? Here are the top reasons why:

1.    It has the ability to build a stronger personal connection

A good mother-and-child relationship is inseparable; there is a unique tie between mother-and-child that cannot be judged just by anyone. Giving your mother a personalized gift this mother’s day makes the gesture of your appreciation even more special. Personalized gifts symbolize uniqueness; so, giving one will truly build a stronger personal connection.

2.    It is more thoughtful than buying generic gifts

“It is the thought that counts”, they said. The simple act of giving your mother a gift is already a heart-warming act from their children; what makes it even thoughtful is how the gift was made – personalized gifts are exceptional, giving one to your mother shows how unique your mother is to your life. Personalization of gift makes the receiver special and one of a kind.

3.    It is customizable

Imagine your mother particularly loves the flower dahlia and you wanted to give her a gift with the flower dahlia in it – that wouldn’t be easy to find unless it is personalized. One of the best things about personalized gifts is they are customizable. You can buy a plain cup and upgrade it with a personalized design, scheme, or color.

4.    It is easy

Looking for the best mother’s day gift is not easy; you have to shop around to find the perfect one that will match your mother’s personality and that she’ll truly love to have. Fortunately, there are personalized gifts that you can take advantage; all you need is the right design, scheme, and the right item to use. Also, you need the help of the best team that can create a unique personalized gift that is perfect for mother’s day – one of the best today is the personalized gifts from All you need to do is visit their official website today and find out their services.

So, with personalized gifts, you do not need:

•    To spend more hours in the mall to find the best gift for your mother.
•    You do not need to feel tired and frustrated going home empty-handed.
•    You will not feel regretful about picking something so randomly and disappoint your mother with a lame gift you just gave on mother’s day.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of good reasons why it is best to give a personalized gift over a randomly picked gift on mother’s day or any special day for your mother. Mothers are one of the most important persons in your life; so giving them something special is on her day or any special occasion for that matter, is something you need to think seriously about.

How to Remove Blackheads with Organic Solution?

Are you suffering from blackhead problems in your body? Well, you are not the only one who is suffering from this mild type of acne problem. Surely there are millions of people and most teenagers, who have also experienced skin problems like acne and blackheads. But, did you know that there is an organic solution for this problem? Find out here how to remove blackheads easily using the organic solution that you may apply at your home.

Instead of worrying too much and having a low of self-confidence because of this skin problem, why don’t you find a solution to remove these problems? Organic solutions or homemade remedies are the best when it comes to your skin problems. Not because they are just cheap, but also because most of the solutions could be found in your kitchen or in your garden. There are no requirements for you to spend more money and shop it in an exclusive store because you can find it within your reach.

Green Tea Solution – mixing one teaspoon of green tea leaves(dry) and one teaspoon of water and apply it to your blackheads. Massage it and leave it for 3 minutes. Green tea serves as an antioxidant to your skin as well helps your skin to become oil-free.

Lemon and Salt Scrub – combining one teaspoon of sea salt and water, and one-half teaspoon of lemon juice could be used as a scrub not only to the affected area of your blackheads but to your whole body. This solution can remove the bacteria also brightens your skin.

Lemon, Sugar and Honey – by combining these 3 ingredients (one tablespoon of brown sugar and honey, and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice), it could exfoliate your skin that could result to the removal of your blackheads. Apply it to the affected area and massage for five minutes then rinse with water.

Baking Soda – by mixing the 2 tablespoons of baking soda and water, you can create a paste that you can apply to your blackheads. Massaging it for five minutes and rinse with water. This solution can help your skin achieve the normal ph balance as well as removing dirt, oil, and bacteria.

Apple Cider Vinegar – it helps your achieve the ph balance as well as removing the bad bacteria in your skin. You can use this as a toner daily through applying on a cotton ball and apply to your skin.

Aloe Vera – can be used as a moisturizer to your skin. After applying toner, scrub or exfoliating products to your skin, you can use this aloe vera to moisturize your skin.

So, after reading this article, surely you’ve got enough tips to help you remove your blackheads. Always make sure that you know your skin type so that you may know also what is the best solution to your skin, either it is organic or over the counter skin problem solutions.

Treating your skin problems is needed in order to not be scattered or getting worst. Using homemade organic solutions and even prescribed by your doctor’s, could be the best remedy for your blackheads. Make sure that you are just following it with caution in order to not damage your skin. Loving your skin is important because it shows our physical beauty that could impact our appearance to others. Thus, removing blackheads and other skin problems could help you live a happy and beautiful life!

Dehydrated Food Shelf Life Spells a Huge Difference in Survival

Dehydrated food has its uses – it can be eaten when you go camping or backpacking and or have it handy for emergency preparedness. Dehydrated food is ideal on these occasions because these can be stored for over long periods of time without fear for spoilage. With the removal of moisture in food, the dehydrated food shelf life is extended. In the case of freeze-dried foods where the moisture is removed 100 percent, the shelf life amazingly extends for years and years.

There are people who’ll spend money for freeze-dried or dehydrated foods, but frankly, these are probably people who have no inkling that they can freeze-dry foods themselves. You just need to have the right motivation for it. Moreover, it will not hurt to read up articles or watch tutorials on how to make dehydrated or freeze-dried foods. Pretty sure there are tons of videos on YouTube on how to go about that.

As for prolonging the shelf life of such foods, you can do that by vacuum sealing the foods. All you’ll need to do that is a vacuum sealer, preferably from known brands like Ziploc or Foodsaver. You’ll do well to read a comparison of the two products to determine which one will work best for you. The good thing about a food vacuum sealer is that it serves a variety of purposes, not just specifically to prolong the shelf life of freeze-dried foods. It can be used for leftovers or simply to extend the freezer or shelf life of raw produce.

Freeze-dried foods have its advantages considering the very long shelf life, the quality and the wide variety of choices of meals. This process can offer an unbelievable range of meals from simple breakfast foods like egg and bacon and all-time favorites such as lasagna and spaghetti to gourmet dishes like steak and a lot more. The quality does not change over time and only needs to be rehydrated to savor the taste and convenience. These are, however, very expensive which is why many still favor home-dried foods or regular dehydrated goodies from groceries.

Dehydrated food shelf life for home dried fruits and vegetables are different depending on certain variables. There are some fruits and vegetables that dry well and retain most of its flavor and are mostly preferred. Some examples of these are apples, apricots, plums, grapes, bananas as well as carrots, broccolis, and potatoes. The removal of more moisture and storage in areas of very little moisture prolong the shelf life. Generally, home dried fruits and vegetables have shelf lives of about six months to one year.

The use of home dried foods is preferred when the purpose is to preserve harvests from season to season. It is also perfect for camping and backpacking activities. If the purpose, however, is to keep the food indefinitely for over ten years as a security against unexpected disasters, freeze dried foods are most recommended.  Freeze dried food are warranted to keep the flavor of the food, texture and nutritive value for 25 years.

One cannot ignore the value of dehydrated food shelf life especially during emergency situations. One doesn’t want to be trapped in a basement or shelter equipped with every single survival kit only to find that the dehydrated food storage has been ineffectual. That would indeed be a disaster!

Best Choice Digital Thermostat Brands to Invest this Year

Now that you’ve got an HVAC, the next thing you’ll have to purchase is a digital thermostat.

A digital thermostat has become a standard device for modern households with HVAC units. This device makes it easier to control and manage HVAC systems. Using this technology, you can set the temperature of your home cooling and heating unit as well as the timer based on your personal routine. With this, you won’t have to worry about expensive electricity bills and costly HVAC repairs.

A programmable or digital thermostat is a big trend in the home comfort industry. You’ll find several brands of these items with unique features, designs, and prices.

But here is the question; which among these options is the best budget programmable thermostat out there?

When it comes to selecting digital thermostat and home comfort devices, you can trust the Know the Flo to provide useful details. This informative website serves as a reliable companion for beginners in searching for an outstanding digital thermostat that is a worthy investment. Also, this source posts updates product reviews to guide buyers in determining which home comfort equipment is best suitable for their needs.

If you have questions about finding the perfect programmable thermostat for your home, the Know the Flo is a source you can trust.

Without further ado, below are the best choice digital thermostat brand names to invest this 2019 based on customer ratings and reviews from the leading online stores.

#1 Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell is a well-established name in this industry. This brand name is famous for its affordable but efficient programmable thermostat.

This manufacturer product several product lines over the years; Listed right here are the top seller digital thermostat version of Honeywell.

  • Honeywell RTH6360D1002- This digital thermostat is sought out for its high-quality function, performance, and aesthetics. It is the most advanced programmable thermostat of Honeywell to date. It features 5-2 scheduling, a no-reprogramming system during a power outage, a heat/cool changeover, and quite easy to install.
  • Honeywell RTH6450D1009- If you are searching for an affordable option from this brand, the RTH6450D1009 by Honeywell is a great alternative. This item is available at leading online market stores for only $50. The unit has a backlighting, a plus/minus setting, cool/heat switch, and easy to install as well.

#2 LuxPRO

According to customer reviews at Amazon, buyers sought out the LuxPro PSP511LC for its larger temperature setting. This feature allows your HVAC unit to heat or cool and stay on or off, letting you save more energy and money.

This product also has four daily settings as well as 5-2 scheduling. Thus, you can program the unit based on your daily routine and avoid expensive utility bills.

#3 Nashone

Next on the list is Nashone wireless programmable thermostat. This option is perfect for all buyers searching for a budget-friendly thermostat. This item has a remote wherein the temperature is recorded allow easy control. It is also one of the best thermostats with the most accurate readings and temperature consistency.

So, which of the above digital thermostat brands appeals to you?

If you are still struggling on which thermostat to choose, ask help at Know the Flo.

The Top Features of Weber Grill Cover that You Need for Your Weber Grill

Are you currently looking for the best grill cover for your Weber grill?

You do not need to look further; there are several different Weber grill covers that you can find in the market today. Plus, each of these Weber grill covers is specially designed for a particular Weber grill model; which means, Weber had specifically designed each Weber grill model with the right cover, ensuring that the grill is well-covered and secured from bird droppings, rain, wind, mold, mildew, and other factors that can contribute to metal corrosion and rusting of the grill.

Here are the top features of most Weber grill covers that you need for your high-performing Weber grill:

1.     It is UV resistant

Aside from rain and moist, the UV rays are one of the best elements that can cause metal corrosion and rust – your high-performing Weber grill is no exception to these damage-causing-factors. Fortunately, you can protect your grill from the damaging effects of the UV rays by using a UV resistant grill cover – just like the Weber grill covers that you can find at this website

2.    Tough to all kinds of environment

All Weber grill covers are made from high-quality materials that are able to withstand a tough environment including extreme weather, bird droppings, insects, molds, mildew, and more. Most of these grills are made from 100 percent durable polyester fabric, ensuring a more secured grill. Plus, these covers are 100 percent waterproofs; although most of these covers have vents to protect the inside from the moist, you can assure that no rain will get into the grill.

The best part is, aside from being tough, most of the Weber grill covers are lightweight; therefore, you do not have to exert too much effort when placing the covers and removing it from the grill.

3.    Designed fitted with Velcro straps

If you want to secure your grill for the next five to ten years, you should buy a grill cover that fits well to the grill and it must have Velcro straps; fortunately, most of the Weber grill covers are designed to fit into a specific Weber grill, ensuring that no external damage-causing-factors can enter into the grill. Plus, these covers are designed with Velcro straps, ensuring that the covers won’t turn into a balloon or accidentally removed from the grill due to a strong wind.

4.    It is designed with integrated storage pouch

If you are tired of misplacing tools for barbequing, Weber grill covers have a great solution for that – a cover with an integrated pouch that is hidden inside the cover. Plus, it is not visually unlikeable since these pouches are well designed inside the cover and not visible from the outside.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best cover to keep your high-performing Weber grill for the next five to ten years, you should invest on a Weber grill cover; however, make sure that the Weber grill cover you are about to purchase will fit your Weber grill.

Going Beyond the Ordinary with Fire Pit Barbecue

Meat cooked in fire pit barbecue will be a step above the ordinary because these allow slow cooking at relatively low temperatures. If the grilling process is done correctly, the resulting barbecue should be very tender, tasty, and distinctively smoke flavored.

Traditionally, barbecue pits were large structures made of either stone or brick. Today however, with the right technique even a charcoal grill can be set up and used as a barbecue pit, and you can read more about this awesome option online. If one wants to grill, which means using medium to high heat over a short period, the gas grill can be utilized the way it usually is. If, however, one wants to barbecue which means using low temperatures over a long period, then the barbecue pit or the smoker is the way to go.

Choosing a Barbecue Pit

Your choice of a barbecue pit depends on how many people you will be cooking for. Regardless though of how big or how small your barbecue pit is, be sure that it is made of metal at least one fourth of an inch thick. Check the joints and welded portions of the barbecue pit or charcoal grill to make sure they are well made. While shopping around for your pit, make sure that you test the ones you are interested in by seeing how well insulated they are when a fire has been started in them.

Using Your Barbecue Pit

It is essential that you season your fire pit barbecue before you use it for the first time. To do this, build a small fire in the pit, put some soaked wood in and keep the fire going for at least five hours.

Begin your barbecue session by adding just enough briquettes or wood chips to cook the food you want to prepare. Adding too much fuel will make your barbecue pit too hot and prevent the long, slow cooking you want. It will take about thirty minutes to get your fire ready. When you see that the coal in your pit has become covered with fine ash, you are just about ready to start cooking. Make sure that the coals are spread throughout the pit. Later, using a pair of long-handled tongs, you can rearrange the coals to make some areas of the pit hotter than the other parts.

As you begin cooking, you can regulate the temperature of the pit through many ways. To lower the heat you can remove some coals. To make the pit hotter, you can cover the air vents on the sides of the grill. Remember to check the temperature regularly and throw in soaked wood chips every now and then to keep up the smoking process. Different hardwood chips will suffuse your food with different flavors. Ideally, you should keep the temperature of your barbecue pit at around 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a meat thermometer to determine if your food is done. Generally, pork and ground beef should be cooked when the thermometer reads 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Steak and fish are ready when your thermometer reads 145 but chicken has to read 165 degrees.

Many people today consider using a fire pit barbecue or charcoal grill too much of trouble and so they go for regular gas grills. If you choose to take on the challenge, however, your table will be rewarded with barbecue that tastes exactly how barbecue should except that it will be a notch above the usual.

Living TV-Free with These Indoor Activities Ideas

In this age of technology, kids are growing up attached to the TV set. Interaction among family members is at the minimum. Without the technology nanny, parents are facing bigger challenges in keeping the kids at bay while attending to household chores or taking conference calls. The following indoor activities ideas may help in meeting this challenge.

• Family Heirloom. Create a family tree with photos of members of favorite relatives. Shout out the name of the relative and ask kids to point to the corresponding picture. The kids can also help in making a scrapbook or album of the photos of the family and favorite relatives. The kids can add their art to these family story records. One other way of contributing to the story is asking the kids to make greeting cards for grandparents and other favorite relatives with the use of colored markers and stickers and glitter glue. For the toddlers, older kids or parents can write the messages.

• Creative Art.  Convert the living room into a stage. Install a video to record the performances. Ask the kids to choose a song and belt it out. Another group art making game is making a collage. Gather some old magazines, pens, glitter glue pens, photographs and cardboard. Ask the kids to use the magazines and photographs to create a story. A variation is to use stickers instead of magazines and photographs. You may also want to try coloring activities with your kids. These days, there are online coloring pages that feature video game characters. You can see them here: and you can color and print the pages with your kids. They can be framed for posterity and conversation pieces during family affairs.

• Assistant Cook. Ask the kids to assist in cooking meals and preparing refreshments. They can peel vegetables, spices, and give the next ingredient to mom while she is cooking. They can also participate in preparing sugar pizzas by putting their choice of toppings of jam, cheese, peanut butter, nuts and chocolate bits. The toddler can be strapped to the high chair where mom and older siblings can be watched doing their cooking activity. They will surely love the aromas that arise out of the cooking.

• Family Picnic in the Family Room. Put all assortments of picnic foods on the table like water bottles, cheese, nuts, and chocolates, box of juices, paper plates, forks, knives, spoons and table napkins. Prepare the sandwiches if the kids are not yet able to do so.  Ask the kids to pack them in the picnic basket. Bring them to the family room where a blanket was previously spread. Ask the kids to unpack and have a great lunch!

• Storytelling with a Twist. One of the more popular indoor activities ideas is storytelling but there is a twist here. Read to the toddlers or ask the older kids to take turns reading. At a certain point, ask questions and how they feel about the story or certain characters. Then ask them to continue the story the way they want to.

Family bonding is definitely fun. These indoor activities ideas create interaction moments, truly unforgettable.

Where to Get Your Information on Blenders Before Shopping

Have you ever had an idea of purchasing your blender but you do not know where to start from? It is very important to have an idea before buying a blender. This makes you in a better position not to be confused by quacks. They only need your money not caring what they sell for you so you better get informed early in advance.

Getting guides

You can buy a guide booklet to gather information. Visit the one stop kitchen appliance shop and ask for a guide brochure.  Take your time to go through it before thinking of buying a blender. Learn about the latest product how it can benefit you and how effective it is to give you expected results.

Online sites

Visit your one-stop kitchen appliance information site and you will realize it is worthy. You get real information on blenders and more information on this product. You will be able to know how different blenders function. From there you get what can help you attain proper results.

Reference from friends

This is another way to learn and be advised by your friends. Be careful with the friends you mingle with to share this information. This avoids you to make haste decision on a product. Some can give fake information but you can do an in depth research to get the facts.

Visiting the big outlets

If you get information it helps you when you are selecting a blender. The shops are there to sell and for you to learn by asking questions. This will give you answers on which blender can give a smooth delicacy for your family. Be quiet and learn from the sellers your task is to make the right decision.

Your one stop kitchen appliance

In these shops they sell all your kitchen equipment and the blender is not an exception. They are well informed on everything that works in your kitchen. The blender being one of it, never shy off to ask for it. You can also purchase it with the correct information from them. They teach you to fix the cable to an electric socket and give you the blender you can work with depending on your task.

Out beating the wrong commodity

With knowledge you know what to go for. You can never get yourself purchasing a low quality blender if you are armed with information. You also know to bargain that price of a blender if it is of good quality. The price range is never an issue on you, if you know at what price a certain blender can cost.

Try your best to get the right information that can help you. Know how to work with your blender even before bringing it home. You can get a technician who knows how to work with blenders and go shop with him. He will be a blessing to you on purchasing a blender that suits your needs and gives you the best results.


The right information can save you when it comes to buying a blender. You just cannot buy any type of a blender. Strive to get the facts on this electric appliance that you need very much. Being informed helps you to buy the best quality of this product and to give you excellent results.

The Best Comfy and Budget-Friendly Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Ever found yourself at a computer store but unsure which keyboard and mouse set to buy due to overwhelming options?

No doubt, it happened to you at least once if not with a computer accessory but with other products.

That is why making a list of your preferences is helpful before going to a store near you. It will serve as your guide in determining which keyboard and mouse combo is best-suitable for your needs. Inasmuch, it will spare you from confusion and doubts on which brand is worth trusting.

Another approach in learning about the best keyboard and mouse brand is consulting product review sites like the In Style Computer. Sources like this are remarkably supportive in guiding customers particularly first-time buyers in handpicking quality computer accessories. At In Style Computer, you can find the details you need to know about a keyboard and mouse from its product specifications, level of performance and customer satisfaction.

One of the well-established brands in this industry is Logitech. The Logitech has been around for several years manufacturing quality computer accessories and parts. You can find a gamut collection of their products at any store. And, one of their best keyboard and mouse series to date is Logitech MK520.

What is Logitech MK520?

The MK520 is Logitech’s most popular series of wireless keyboard and mouse combo. This product has designs and features suitable for professional and gaming use. This item is quite famous among office workers for its fascinating aspects in enhancing productivity while providing comfort

Why Consider Logitech MK520?

For sure, you are curious about the features of this item. Furthermore, you might be thinking what makes this product excellent, especially for professional purposes?

To quench your curiosity and put answers to your questions, here is a list of Logitech MK520’s product details.

#1 Roomy and Comfy Keys

This product by Logitech is a top of the line keyboard and mouse combo with comfortable and roomy keys. This feature helps you to type with ease. Moreover, the keys of this item are touch-responsive and soft to press. It won’t hurt your fingers despite typing for prolonged hours.

#2 Palm Rest

Typing for extended hours is tiring. But with Logitech MK520, you can type continuously as long as you can with comfort using its palm rest.

This model by Logitech boasts itself for adding ergonomic features on its product. The MK520 is indeed an ergonomically designed item to assure both comfort and productivity of the user.

#3 Long-Distance Connection

This model features a 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. This technology allows you to connect the keyboard and mouse to a computer without being close to it.

This feature also guarantees fast responses and minimal delays when typing. Moreover, this item has a single USB connection that you can install to any drivers.

The Logitech MK520 is compatible with Windows PC’s and Mac systems.

#4 Low-Cost

This brand is one of the best budget-friendly keyboard and mouse combo in the market. You can get the MK520 for $44. With a low price, you can have a multifunctional and high performing keyboard.

Do you want to know more about this item?

Check this out here at In Style Computer.


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