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Our Radio station is a non-profit people radio channel specializing in making Classical Music a more significant part of people’s lifestyles.

Our Mission

To create classical music and the arts a major part of more people’s lives by introducing top quality classical music programming.


93.1 The Lake is a community broadcasting service and requires your support to stay on the air. You are able to encourage 93.1  by turning into a member.


 Mozart in the Morning

 Ray White begins your morning with a little Mozart, from his most famous to the lesser understood, weekday mornings at 9am

Baroque by the Bay

Jeffrey Thomas, our resident baroque professional, includes music from the Renaissance to the Baroque and outside. This two-hour weekly series explores a Superb mixture of songs for a Sunday morning, showcasing local bands specializing in this audio.

  The State of the Arts

The Bay Area has a number of the planet’s best-known performing arts organizations and cultural offerings. Every day, Jeffrey Freymann showcases actions, concerts, soloists and ensembles coming throughout the region.


Top Three Andis Beard Trimmers for Professionals this 2019

Andis is one of the leading providers of quality hair products and trimmers in the U.S.A.

This company has earned respect from various customers all around the globe for being one of the oldest manufacturers of hair and beard trimmers. With a span of 95 years, the Andis is continuously growing and producing innovative grooming equipment for both men and women.

Do you need a new beard trimmer for your barber or hair styling business?

You probably have encountered Andis when searching for a beard trimmer to invest. Also, you might have heard this brand when asking recommendations from your friends or family members.

This company has a series of product line created for professional use. Thus, if you are searching for versatile high-performing beard trimmer, here is a list of the latest items from this manufacturer to guide you in choosing the best Andis trimmer of 2019.

Top 1: Professional T-Outliner Trimmer (T-Blade Model 04710)

This product from Andis is famous for both professional and non-professional use.

This beard trimmer has a durable build created from high-grade materials. It features a close-cutting T-Blade model GTO (04710) to provide precision and gentle beard trimming. This product also features carbon-steel blades which have a long lifespan compared to other types of blades. Moreover, this product is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

This professional T-outliner is a powerful trimmer. However, despite being a powerful device, it does not produce loud noises when operating. Likewise, it runs cool notwithstanding prolonged hours of work.

This item is a corded beard trimmer. It has an 8-foot power cord for convenient and easy beard trimming or shaving.

Top 2: Professional GTX T-Outliner Trimmer (4775)

If you are searching for a more advanced and quality beard trimmer, the GTX T-Outliner Trimmer 4775 is the best option for you.

This product features a T-blade design with fine-cutting teeth. This feature allows the trimmer to glide through the beard or hair with ease. Moreover, it can achieve close cut especially behind the ears.

This product series from Andis has an on-board magnetic motor that operates quietly compared to other trimmer motors. Also, it stays cool and feels comfortable to hold even working for extended hours.

This product comes in a kit; the package includes four trimming combs and lubricating oil.

Top 3: Styliner II Professional Trimmer (26700)

Do you need a high-speed motor professional trimmer?

Lucky you!

Andis has a professional trimmer which suits your preferences. The Styliner II professional trimmer 26700 is a high-performing beard trimmer with a high-speed motor.

This product has a close-cutting blade that delivers precise and clean cut every single time. Moreover, the blades work smoothly on the skin.

The Andis Styler II is also well-known for being the best trimmer for dry shaving. Thus, if you are searching for such aspect in a trimmer, this product is best-suited for you.

No doubt, Andis is the home of top of the line beard trimmers.

Do you want to learn more about the Andis latest beard trimmers this 2019?

Check it out at Best Clippers for Men.

All You Want to Know about Getting a Unique Cleaning Services Logo

There are various kinds of corporate identity rolling the market and you will obviously not be attracted to all them. This is because each work in this world has its own unique requirements that have to be considered so as to achieve the desired result. The service industry majorly involves rendering services to the target audience.

The brand marks in the service industry totally differ from each other because the nature of work is also different. For example the design of a postal service logo will obviously differ from a cleaning services logo. It is therefore important to consider the nature of your business while designing your corporate identity. Here are some of the features that you should incorporate into your brand mark if you are in the cleaning service industry

Most of the cleaning services company owners never used to bother about drawing a corporate identity for ages. This is because they used to believe that a cleaning services company only requires advertising promotion. The current stiff competition in the market has made the need for a unique corporate identity quit essential. You will realize that the designing of cleaning services logos is now more common than ever before. The colors that are usually preferred in these logos are light shades of green and blue so as to bring out the idea of water.

You can incorporate certain objects into your logo so as to portray a perfect image of your company the target audience. It is essential that you get a good quality cleaning service logo for your company so that you can clearly distinguish it from your competitors. You can take a look at these awesome logo designs before you decide on the one you will use on your company.

It is important to note that there are some futile ways of getting a corporate identity. You can go for the idea of using a free logo design software that is available in the internet if you want to end up with something that is very common and low quality. This software has nothing out of the world in it. It simply selects some predefined stored templates and delivers you with the same results. For example; if you want to create a cleaning service logo you will end up with the same design that has been presented in a different way. The major disadvantage of using these free online logo designs is that you might end up with a design that resembles your competitor’s logo design.

Therefore, it is very essential that you understand the elements used in creating a perfect brand identity for your business so that you can represent your company to the whole world in the right way. It is advisable that you research the fonts to use in you brand mark so as to present a certain trait about your business. For example an italic font show the element of speed and can therefore be used in a postal service brand mark. You can also give this work to professionals who are adept at designing process.

The Long Term Benefits of Nootropic Supplements

It is not a novelty that the world we live in is forcing people to work long hours, struggle with strict deadlines and deal with huge amounts of stress. Add the age, an unhealthy diet and an irregular sleep pattern to all these and we can guarantee you that even though you’re not noticing right now, your brain function is severely affected. What can be done in such a situation? Well, the long term negative effects will appear but there are ways to avoid it and a quality nootropic supplement is one of them. Thousands of people have introduce nootropic supplements in their diet and they are pleased with the effects. You should do this too, if not for the short term effects then for the long term ones. Nootropic supplements are known as excellent products to help maintain the brain healthy and at an optimal performance as a short term effect, enhancing and maintaining a sharp cognition in the future. Many people use nootropic supplements for all sorts of long term effects and you should do this too. Here is how they can help you.

1. Anti-aging- As you grow older, the cognitive function tends to decline. Well, a quality nootropic supplement will prevent this from happening, so we can say that the effects of the aging process will be slowed down or even reversed. Don’t think that you are still too young for cognitive issues; they will appear without you even realizing it. Mood problems, for example, are one of the signs which say that it is time for you to begin using a nootropic supplement as the aging process is already making its presence felt at a cognitive level.

2. Neuroprotection- Brain cells are protected by antioxidants against the age accelerating effects of free radicals, while a quality nootropic supplement protects them against other types of damage, such as cognitive decline and brain fog.

3. Brain regeneration- Did you know that your brain is in a constant regeneration process, growing new brain cells, repairing membranes and basically reinventing itself? Nootropics will optimize this regeneration process, so this is one long term effect that should convince you to introduce such a supplement in your diet.

If you are willing to start using a nootropic supplement but you don’t really know which of the many available to choose, we strongly recommend you to have a closer look at The Workout Nut. The professionals at The Workout Nut know a lot about the best products now available on the market and can help you make a wise choice. For example, one of their recommendations is the Genius Consciousness supplement. You should read the Genius Consciousness review first as it is available on the official The Workout Nut website to get a better understanding of what this product can do for you and your overall health. I know that you will be pleased with the effects, so please check it out, buy it and start using it as fast as possible. You are not going to regret it.

The different types of radiobroadcasting

Communication is a fundamentalaspect in all societies. Nowadays, there are several types of communicationsystems, among them the radio communication system through Radio station.This system transmits information from one place toanother through the radio waves. As in any other communication system, in thisthere are also three fundamental entities, a transmitter, a receiver and atransmission channel.


 The basic operating principle of an FM transmitter can be demonstrated by the following block diagram:


It is an electromechanical element, which when subjected to differences in pressure caused by the human voice, converts them into electromagnetic waves with a possible frequency of being heard by the human being (audio frequency signal).

Audio frequency (AF) amplifier:

A device whose function is to increase the amplitude of the audio frequency signal of the electromagnetic waves produced in the microphone in order to Broadcast radio.


Device where the modulation process is carried out in order for the Radio stationto work.


Transmitter element, responsible for the generation of a sinusoidal wave (carrier) at a chosen frequency, necessary to carry out the modulation.

Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifier:

This device has the function of increasing the amplitude of the radio frequency signal produced by the modulation, conserving the frequency, in order to be able to be sent through the communication channel through the antenna.


It is the conducting device that emits into space the electromagnetic waves generated in the emitter or that receives from the space these waves destined to the receiver. The geometric shape that an antenna can present depends essentially on the wavelength of the waves it emits or receives.

More information about antennas

  • Modulation

A process used to allow Radio station waves to carry the audio frequency information (voice and music). This process can be seen as being a system that receives two input signals and produces an output signal. One of these inputs is the information signal that is generated for example by the microphone (audio frequency signal), this input is called the modulating signal, the other input is an appropriate signal to transmit through the channel. (air), which input has the function of transporting the information to be transmitted, and is therefore known as the carrier signal. The output signal is called the modulated signal (radio frequency signal).

  • There areseveral techniques for modulating a radio frequency carrier wave

Modulation in Amplitude (AM): The amplitude of the carrier signal directly accompanies the amplitude variations of the audio frequency wave.

Frequency Modulation (FM): The frequency of the carrier wave is directly proportional to the amplitude variations of the audio frequency waves.

The great advantage of FM modulation over AM modulation is that the noise level at reception is reduced. As to the choice, which modulation technique to use, it must take into account the characteristics of the signal to be transmitted and the characteristics of the communication channel. 

  • Reception

 The basic operating principle of an FM receiver can be demonstrated by the following block diagram:

  • Demodulator

It is the element that performs the inverse process of modulation, that is, it eliminates the carrier wave of the modulated signal, in order to extract the modulating signal, which is the signal that contains the information to be transmitted.

  • Loudspeaker 

It is a device that transformsthe electromagnetic waves into vibrations that cause different pressures in theair that is around them, reproducing the original signal containing theinformation. These differences in pressure are interpreted by our ears as the soundwe hear on the Broadcast radio.


Due to the advancements in the new technology, there are more ways in which people are accessing the large amount of information that is increasing each day. Both the local as well as the international news are accessed by people from all angles. Those who are able to have access to the same, are trying all they can to manage what they can do. Most of the benefits are taken positively depending on what people may be getting. Despite the cases of technology becoming to be very expensive, radio is playing the major role in making things to work out for the majority. The various Radio station, manages to help people have access to the news. Here are the advantages of radio.

1. Helps to report the over airwaves internationally

The Broadcast radio, helps in providing the real kind of the time information that can be received by many people within the short time. There are the best updates which many listeners can get within the short given time. The various stations then have the ability to get the news broadcasted all over internationally, thus reaching out may people. You can search the airwaves and you can manage to have the updates at any time you need them.

2. There are more developments experienced.

Most of the development have been faced due to increase of the broadcast which have been made by use of the radio. This has been very successful to the majority of all those who are making it a success at any given time. This can help those who need to have the management of all that will make some sense in terms of the news that reaches out many people. This will as well give out what will be very useful based on what will make some meaning. Most of the development has helped many people in getting the information.

3. It has greatly helped the broadcast at most of the local levels.

It is also good to have the radio broadcast. This is easily managed by the local people. It is because most of the people are able to manage purchasing th3e radio. It can then be of good will since the very best can at large be achieved and also be gained in the manner that one of two may be looking at. This is what is expected to manage all which the majority will have to be looking at in the presentable way. When you are the local you have the chance to get what you will also require to form the basis of what you need. Learn more.

Finally, now that the radio has increasing benefits, it is good for many also to have access to it. It will be providing you with the right information as much as you can. Have to rely on it since it is making life possible when it comes to be updates. You will easily get them in a very fast way without having to strain getting what you cannot afford.


Broadcast Your Radio Station on the Internet


At Special, there are full of tips on how to get the most out of your radio automation software and what trends are affecting the industry each year. However, a good number of people, who have not dreamed of being a radio DJ ever since they can think of, do not go that far. They are still nervous about opening their private Internet radio station and having everything ready for their show and need tips on how to start your own Internet Radio Station.

Find Decent Hardware

It everything starts with a computer and a consistent Internet connection. Broadband is preferable, as it will help you prepare an Internet radio station with least risk of transmission problems. Then, buy headphones and also a studio-quality microphone; the condenser microphones are the best, resistant to the maximum tones of your voice. Read the manual of your tools, connect it and settle in a quiet space to which you will return: a home office, or a distant part of the school.

Get Your Software for Your Internet Radio Station

Many programs are floating on the web, but we mention that SAM Broadcaster Cloud is one of the most popular radio automation software packages for potential radio DJs. It lets you generate numerous stations, synchronizing them easily with your music library. You can set up playlists, field listening requests and move away from the control table as the automatic scheme takes over.

Get a Website

The following is your website: each credible radio DJ requires one, so you can offer a landing point for your audio brand. When you use SAM Broadcaster Cloud, this is concealed from you. SAM Broadcaster Cloud comes as favorit with a free page for players of the station organized by Special. We believe that your listeners will enjoy this responsive and optimized website for mobile devices.

Creators of free websites are also a popular option, but they may not provide a URL for the basic price. Look for those who do, because you want the station to look like a suitable company. These sites must also be able to include widgets such as live now and social network integration. This permits you to press the online profile of the station. And we fully endorse blogs on your site, as a minimum once a month, to boost your ranking in search engines.

Make Sure You Are Covered for Royalties

Finally, if you play licensed music on a daily basis, you will certainly have to clear the air with a radio broadcast controller, which will sanction your playlists for radio waves. The rules differ from one country to another. Many times, they depend on the size of your radio station, increasing their license charges when their base of listeners begins to grow.


Since the democratization of the Internet, the number of people who listen to the radio in digital media has enlarged significantly. Now, 81% of Americans own a mobile phone, while 64% of Americans have some type of TV connected to the Internet. In this sense, it is just clear that the transmission on the Internet can just have a great advantage in terms of radio station reaching a larger audience, see where:

Careers in Radio Jockeying

Radio Jockeying

Radio Jockeying is an energizing, promising and exciting profession for the individuals who have solid relational abilities and Radio Jockeys particularly are the general population who stay projects and give critiques on the radio. The undertaking of a radio jockey is to keep the audience members engaged and drew in by playing music, passing on a message or bantering with visitors. This individual behaviors programs according to a topic doled out to him/her. It can be a way of life, connections, news, diversion, and so on.

Radio Jockeying

What do they do?

Radio Jockeying as it would seem that isn’t just about talking, it additionally incorporates music programming, scripting, exhibiting radio shows and lending voice to advertisements, documentaries, and so forth. Radio Jockeys need to lead live shows while conversing with their group of onlookers, going to live calls, playing music, directing rivalries, tests, and so on. For doing such capacities a Radio Jockey needs to unconstrained, clever, mindful and without a doubt an outgoing individual. On the off chance that you have what it should be a Radio Jockey, achievement wouldn’t be exceptionally far. The pervasion of your show would rely upon how you catch the enthusiasm of the general population. Once your show ends up noticeably, it will be the USP of the channel that you work for.

Educational Qualifications:

Formal educational capabilities don’t hold much an incentive in radio moving on the grounds that it is an ability based field. In spite of the fact that graduation is thought to be the benchmark, students who have passed basic educational qualification are likewise employed by private channels. Generally, people under 35 years are preferred for this calling. The individual qualities that are required to wind up plainly an effective RJ are great to summon over dialect, to a great degree great informative forces, appropriate voice tweak, great feeling of sound and music, a reasonable level of comical inclination and great word usage. Staying refreshed is imperative for a radio move. An RJ needs to monitor the happenings in and around the city.

Employment openings:

There is a considerable measure of degree for employment opportunities for a radio jockey in the media business. They can apply in associations like AIR, Times FM, Radio Mid-day, Radio Star, Radio Wani and other autonomous radio stations. After some time a move can likewise apply for voice overs ads, network shows, and motion pictures.

Top 5 Most Popular Radio Stations

Radio Stations

Radio-wave innovation is a standout amongst the most vital advances utilized by man. It has everlastingly changed the United States and the world and will keep on doing so later on. Radio has been a correspondences medium, a recreational gadget, and numerous different things to us. Here are top 5 most popular radio stations.

Radio Stations


P2 is one of the four fundamental radio channels worked by Sweden’s national freely subsidized radio telecom association Sveriges Radio (SR). It communicates music (primarily traditional music and jazz) and furthermore conveys instructive programming and in addition programs in minority dialects. The Channel started its life in 1955 as Sweden’s second radio channel. In 1966, SR gave its channels unmistakable profiles, making P2 the channel for training, territorial programming, and “genuine” music. Provincial radio later ended up a plainly nearby radio and was moved to P3 – still later to P4 – leaving P2 with the profile it has now.


KEXP is a non-profit association serving music enthusiasts and craftsmen through face to face communication, and web-based programming. KEXP works a standout amongst the most persuasive audience upheld music radio stations on the planet, 90.3 KEXP-FM Seattle, with on the web and on-air benefit coming to more than 200,000 worldwide audience members every week. On KEXP’s YouTube channel, recordings of elite live exhibitions gather more than 2.1 million perspectives for each week. From their home at Seattle Center, KEXP has group occasions and delivers several live exhibitions every year, huge numbers of which are open to the audience for free of charge.

Spectrum Radio:

Spectrum Radio is a multi-ethnic radio station situated in London, which covers more than 20 distinctive ethnic groups. Spectrum Radio communicates multicultural ethnic programming on three diverse communicate stages on 558 kHz from the Crystal Palace transmitting station and DAB Digital Radio. Spectrum Radio is recognized by its multi-ethnic, remote dialect programs, a considerable lot of which has been on the air since its arrival in 1990.

Soma FM:

Soma FM is an autonomous Internet-only streaming group of radio channels, upheld completely with gifts from audience members. Soma FM initially began broadcasting out of originator Rusty Hodge’s cellar carport in the Bernal Heights, as a micro-power radio station communicates at the Burning Man celebration in 1999. The reaction to the undertaking was adequately positive that Rusty Hodge made it as a full-time web radio station in February 2000.


Jango is a free online-only music administration that enables clients to make and offer custom radio stations. Clients pick craftsmen to stream, and the station plays music from comparable specialists. Clients can additionally refine their stations by rating tunes and specialists in their feed to play less or frequently.In 2007, Jango turned into the principal music spilling stage to acquaint an interpersonal interaction angle with radio stations. Clients can share their stations or tune in to stations made by others in the Jango informal community


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