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Our Radio station is a non-profit people radio channel specializing in making Classical Music a more significant part of people’s lifestyles.

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To create classical music and the arts a major part of more people’s lives by introducing top quality classical music programming.


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 Mozart in the Morning

 Ray White begins your morning with a little Mozart, from his most famous to the lesser understood, weekday mornings at 9am

Baroque by the Bay

Jeffrey Thomas, our resident baroque professional, includes music from the Renaissance to the Baroque and outside. This two-hour weekly series explores a Superb mixture of songs for a Sunday morning, showcasing local bands specializing in this audio.

  The State of the Arts

The Bay Area has a number of the planet’s best-known performing arts organizations and cultural offerings. Every day, Jeffrey Freymann showcases actions, concerts, soloists and ensembles coming throughout the region.


Different Types of Medium Short Haircuts For Men

Do you want to try a new handsome look without compromising your hairstyle? Or do you want to try the medium short type of haircut? Which haircut is do you think best and suited for your appearance and your lifestyle? Sometimes, when you are just sticking in your classic haircut, you might have missed the modern hairstyles that new generations are in. It is not that bad though to be modernized in terms of haircuts and hairstyles, especially if you really need to adapt in the modernization just like in your work, community and even in schools. Well, in this article, discover here the different types of medium and short haircuts for men.

Classic Short Haircuts – If you want to maintain a safe and neutral haircut, then this classic short is best for you. This type of haircut does not shave too short but needs frequent maintenance of trimming. If you think that this haircut will suit the features of your face, then go for it. This is best for the middle-aged man who does not want to choose the modernized haircut styles of the millennials.

Buzz Shape – Hair shaved to zero haircuts that do not requires trimming maintenance. This is also a common haircut for those men who experienced baldness problems. One thing to consider in this type of haircut is the shape of your skull as well as your face features. Make sure that this will look good to you. In choosing this type of haircut, you can even shave it at home using the high quality of hair clippers and trimmers.

Asymmetrical Cut – An eye-catching type of haircut that is usually chosen by the millennials.A creative style of haircut that young generations loved to express their own personality. This type of haircut has vibrant colors as well as highlights that you can choose suited to your personality. This might be the latest generation haircuts that you can see mostly in the streets, schools, and work too. Even professionals can choose this kind of haircut.

Undercut Fade Haircut – Also called as a low fade haircut that is already present back in the ’50s and ’60s. This type of haircut can be done through the use of fade hair clipper or trimmer in order to trim the side and the back area of your head. This type of short trimmed haircut is also embraced by the young generations as well as to the middle-aged men. This type of haircut is tested and proven that is effective from before until today’s generations. Trimming maintenance for this type of haircut can be done once or twice a month.

These are just examples of medium shore types of haircuts that might be in for you. Whatever is your choice, make sure that you have tried to look visualize yourself if it is really suited to your facial type and lifestyle too. If you want to try for a new haircut, you can try to download apps just like the that helps you to find the best and suitable hairstyle. This is really effective since you can see the possible outcome of your appearance when you try different haircuts. For more details on how to find the best haircuts, check out at

Learn to Choose a Heavy Bag

Have you decided to begin some heavy bag training because you have lots of friends who are now in excellent shape and who managed to lose a lot of weight thanks to it? Are you even willing to invest in a heavy bag to install at home so you can train whenever you have some free time available? Well, your choice for being more active is excellent. It truly is important to go with a healthier lifestyle if you want to avoid serious health problems later in life; we fully support your choice. Regarding the heavy bag, there is a wide selection available on the market and it might get a bit confusing and overwhelming to choose just one. The good news is that we are here to help and we will happily do this. You just have to check out the list of tips and tricks below and use these to guide your choice. So, here are the things that you should know in order to get the best heavy bags for your money:

  • Free standing versus hanging- This is the first decision that you need to make in order to be sure of the fact that you are going to end up spending your money on a heavy bag which perfectly suits your needs and preferences. They both come with their advantages and their disadvantages, so in the end it is a matter of personal needs, preferences and also the free space that you have available. The hanging bags will offer a better striking experience and since they tend to move whenever you hit them, this will prove to be very useful for helping you improve accuracy, speed and timing. However, setting up a hanging bag can be difficult and you clearly need a ceiling which can support the weight. Free standing bags are easy to move around and you can have them set up in literally any room that has some available space.
  • Choosing the weight. If you want to make sure of the fact that the bag that you will invest in is the right one, then you also need to pay attention to its weight. You need to opt for something that matches your skills and power. If you go with something too light, then a powerful kick might make it go flying; on the other hand, if you go with something too heavy, then it might be too much for you and you might end up hurting your hands and legs.
  • The filler material: There are a few options available on the market and the most popular ones are those made from fiber, which can be natural or synthetic, the ones made of foam, sand or water. They each have their advantages and their disadvantages so our recommendation is to do a bit of reading about each of them before you make your choice. An informed choice is always the one that best suits your needs and preferences. I know that you will make an investment that you will not regret.

What You Should Know About Café Biker Motorcycles

Do you feel very attracted by the idea of buying a café biker motorcycle? Do you already have some money saved and you want to make an idea about what to pay attention to before you spend your money so you can make the most of what you have? Maybe you have enough but it might also be the case that specialists will recommend you to wait for just a bit longer until you save some more or get a loan. We usually recommend a balance between price and quality but when it comes to café bikers, if you want quality and a good long term investment, then you have to go a bit higher with the price. The most expensive café bikers are also the best quality ones and the motorcycles which can last for decades in excellent condition if you properly take care of them.

Café racers have grown very popular, especially in the last few years, especially among those who prefer to just cruise around the city during hot summer days and who either don’t enjoy tour rides or who simply have another motorcycle for the long run rides. Why are café racers preferred around the city? Well, they are light weight, the engine is usually tuned and they have a minimalist bodywork. The ergonomics of their distinctive features make them eye catches, so if you plan to turn heads when you pass by on your motorcycle, then a café racer is the right choice.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider before you purchase a café biker. As a newbie in this field, you need to understand the fact that it is not just the cost of the actual bike that you will have to support. There are plenty of other associated costs which need to be taken into consideration and which should influence the final investment, so check out the list below to make an idea about what to pay attention to before you spend your money:

  • The actual cost of the ownership- The consumption associated costs and the life span of the bike will also matter when it comes to calculating the actual cost of the ownership; it is not just the cost of the bike that matters.
  • Equipment and maintenance- If you don’t have motorcycle riding equipment, you need to be aware of the fact that it is quite expensive and it adds to the final costs. Also, verify the costs of the pieces for the bike that you plan to buy, as there will be moments in which you will have to replace certain pieces.

Consider these costs, add them to the initial cost of the bike and you will understand whether or not you are prepare for the investment. In case you are, there are numerous café racer bikes which deserve your attention and you can click here to see them. Check them out as I know that there is one that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

How Humidifiers Help Ease Asthma

Individuals who are suffering from asthma or have a family with such condition are well aware of the importance of precise humidity balance. Once the humidity level inside a space goes beyond or below its normal range, it can cause health issues like asthma.

Low humidity and dry air trigger respiratory illnesses such as asthma and allergic reactions. The lack of moisture within the surroundings causes dust to gather and spread around the space. Moreover, other allergens such as animal fur, pollen, and mold fill the area because of such condition. The presence of allergens together with fumes as well as others of strong chemicals consequences poor air quality and health issues.

Allergy and asthma are treated using a doctor prescription. But you also have to power to control and prevent your family from suffering in these health risks. All you have to do is get a humidifier.

Is Humidifier an Effective Asthma Relief?

The primary function of a humidifier is to increase the amount of moisture in the air by producing a cool mist at the correct temperature.

Most humidifiers work with the help of a built-in rotating disk that breaks the water to create cool air. The refreshing mist opens your nasal passages to allow easy breathing and comfort.

On the other hand, advanced humidifiers units use ultrasonic frequencies that vibrate into smaller molecules and releases it into the air like steam.

Although humidifiers have a filter system, experts recommend using filtered water rather than tap water with this device. Tap water is not 100% sanitary which may result in bacteria and mold growth.

Furthermore, you can add nasal inhalers in the water to improve its healing properties and for faster relief.

Additionally, there are unique humidifier units with UV germ-killing feature, HEPA filters, and the ability to absorb odors. These models are a great investment, but take note that these items are more expensive.

Where to Find a Humidifier for Asthma?

Take note that this home comfort device differs in brand, features, performance, energy-efficiency, and prices. These factors are only some aspects you have to consider when searching for a humidifier to buy. No surprise there if you feel daunted and overwhelmed with these options.

If you are having a hard time selecting a humidifier to purchase, below are some tips that can help you.

  1. Read Reviews– If you’ve got a certain brand in mind, then find out additional details about the item. Reading product reviews is extremely helpful when it comes to choosing an item to buy. It guides you to the right product that suits best your needs. Examples of reliable humidifier reviews are this post at Optimum Humidity.
  2. Product Specifications- Take note of the technical details of the item before buying. Check the energy efficiency, performance, and capacity of the item. Also, not all humidifiers can work in large spaces. Hence, you have to match the area if your room with the unit you plan to buy.
  3. Choose a Reputable Brand– You can never go wrong in handpicking a recognized humidifier brand.

Indeed, this home comfort tool promotes a healthier living space. It assures that your family is 100% safe from the hazards of poor humidity.

To find out additional details about humidifiers, go to the Optimum Humidity.

Why Create A Pop Up Radio Station?

From Pop Up stores to Pop Up restaurants, it is obvious that the concept of momentary retail is taking the market by storm. As a result, why can not a similar thing apply for radio? A Pop Up radio station is basically a temporary radio station usually created with the intention of promoting a specific event or product.

Now that you can make your own radio station easily, it is quite simple when it comes to starting a Pop Up radio station. As well as reaching more than 3.78 billion Internet users all over the world, there are several good reasons to get on the bandwagon of the Pop Up radio station!

1. Enhance Brand Awareness

A Pop Up radio station can do wonders once it comes to making your own brand or product stands out. The production of viral content will undoubtedly generate enthusiasm and increase enthusiasm for your product. Not to mention attracting future clients at all!

2. Increase Income

A Pop Up radio station is not only a musical atmosphere. Your Pop Up radio station can increase your profits. For instance, several radio stations sell marketing space for the duration of the event. Whether you have a number of audiences, you will have a good reason to sell your airtime at a higher price.

3. Improve Customer Expertise

Creation a radio station for your project can be very useful once it comes to improving customer expertise. For example, a store or restaurant may elect to establish a radio station adapted to the stations to respond more accurately to the expectations of its customers.

Who Can Start a Pop Up Radio Station?

There are many ways you can use a temporary radio station, so be creative! However, because we are nice, here are just some ideas:

Idea 1 – Marketing Campaigns

Actually, why not launch a temporary radio station as part of its new communication strategy? It is the ideal way to work on the content of your brand. Just depending on your advertising requirements, you can choose to make a Pop Up radio station for the launch of a product or just gather your community around your brand.

Besides, this type of solution does not essentially have to occupy much time, since the Radio Administrator allows you to program your playlists up to 180 days previously. It may be worthwhile to share the opinions of your clients in the form of podcasts or just organize a live chat to share the advantage of your brand or product.

Idea 2 – Festivals

A Pop Up radio stations is a wonderful way to broadcast several live concerts. You can bring the festival atmosphere to those who cannot attend. To generate enthusiasm before the festival, why not showcase performing artists? It can provide festival-goers a taste of what’s to come!

By using the Statistics Module in the Radio Administrator, you can even get a clearer idea of the number of listeners and countries most interested in your festival. They can even inspire you once it comes to advertising the next edition! See more about radio broadcast:

Tips in Buying the Best Jigsaw In A Friendly Budget

If you are a great DIY or project maker, you will collect the best jigsaw that is most effective compared to the other jigsaw in the market. But, how about if you can buy an affordable one, yet having the same power just like your high valued jigsaw? Do you think you’ll change your mind? Yes, you should change your mind because, in this article, I will give some tips in buying the best jigsaw in a very friendly budget.

If you are looking for the best jigsaw, be sure to look at some jigsaw comparisons to make sure that you’ve got the best one. Today, there are many effective jigsaws available in the market, affordable and proven effective in use. Only, you should be detailed enough in checking the details, features and mostly its difference and comparisons that might give you the hint to purchase the best jigsaw in the market. In comparing the best jigsaw for your project or DIY needs, you might consider these tips:

  • Make sure to determine your budget first. If you want to purchase the best jigsaw, of course, there are price ranges that you might consider. One of this factor is the price range. You will need first to determine what is your budget for this jigsaw. In the price budget, you can find jigsaw in 3 categories, the budget one, the mid-range price, and the highest price budget that you can afford to invest for your jigsaw.
  • In choosing the jigsaw, you should consider also the type of tasks or projects you will going to use for this jigsaw power tool. You should determine the materials that you will be going to cut if it is plastic, metal or wood. Also, in determining the type of task or projects you will use, you should consider the blade and the power features of the jigsaw that you will choose. You can check the different kinds of jigsaw that is best for your project needs. If you are using this jigsaw for a longer and volume use of your project, then you should consider checking out high power motor jigsaw to match to the job that you will be going to finish. Same also with the blade changing, you should consider changing the type of blade that you will be going to use for a longer time.
  • Another great tip is to find great reviews, guide and comparison features that might help you in deciding which jigsaw power tool is best for you. Such good example of this is through checking out at, where you can find great lists of jigsaw power tools from the budget one, up to the middle, and high prices jigsaw. You can find also great comparison features that might help you choose the best one jigsaw for you. The guide information will surely help you and give you the best idea on what to choose in buying the best jigsaw.

Considering these tips will surely help you to find the best jigsaw for your specific needs. Mostly, if you are in a hurry buying the best jigsaw, then you should consider checking out the link provided for your great reference!

Essential Equipment All Caterers Must Have

With many people throwing parties here and there, it’s not surprising that there is a high clamor for caterers. That’s actually why many people go to extreme lengths to set up their own catering business. For instance, a homemaker who loves to cook and wants to earn additional income for her family could start a small catering business that she can do on the side. Even recent graduates of culinary schools may want to just start their own business rather than work for someone else.

Starting a catering business is not hard as long as one knows its ins and outs. Variety of menu, taste of food, competitive rates, personalized service, and professionalism are some of the things a good caterer can offer his or her clients. Nevertheless, it’s important for a caterer to have the proper catering equipment to ensure that each catering gig is successful. So what essential equipment and tools should caterers have? The rest of this article will show you just what.

Table Settings

Obviously, this refers to the things people would need in order to enjoy the good food prepared by the caterer. While some party hosts may demand that their own flatware, plates, and glasses be used, a greater majority of hosts expect caterers to bring their own stuff.

At any rate, a catering service should have the following in assorted designs and different sizes:

  • Flatware – Dinner plates, bread plates, salad plates, spoons, forks, and knives
  • Glasses/Glassware – Water glasses, wine glasses, coffee cups with matching saucers
  • Cutlery – Knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils used for serving food
  • Serving dishes
  • Linen or paper napkins
  • Tablecloths and centerpieces

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

A caterer should invest in high-quality commercial kitchen equipment that he or she will use to prepare, store, and serve the items on the catering menu. This includes:

  • Induction cooker – This is preferable over stoves because it’s energy saving and cooks food more efficiently. If you’re wondering have you seen this before, yes you probably have. An induction cooker is usually the type that looks like glass although the “burners” can remarkably be seen.
  • Broilers
  • Convection ovens
  • Freezers
  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Steamers
  • Grills
  • Food processors
  • Mixers
  • Blenders

Ice cream makers, coffee makers, and espresso machines are optional equipment that could add more appeal to the catering business.

Cleaning Supplies

People hire caterers because they don’t want to get their hands dirty before, during, and after the party, literally. A caterer is expected to clean up after himself, that’s why cleaning supplies and materials should never be missing.

  • Dishwashing detergents
  • Sponges
  • Laundry detergents
  • Stain removers
  • Other cleaning chemicals
  • Garbage bags
  • Bus stubs
  • Disposable containers (for leftover food)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tin foil
  • Rags or paper towels

Staff uniforms are essential, too. The chef and servers exude an air of professionalism when they go about their business in their immaculate white uniforms. In addition, that would give a great impression to the host of the party and the guests.

While all the tools and equipment mentioned above may burn the bank, those are to be considered a required investment for your catering business. If you don’t want the quality of food you serve, as well as your service, to suffer greatly, invest on the proper equipment and see your catering business soar great heights.

How Mirror Sites Work

Have you noticed that there are websites that are identical but has a unique URL?

If you are tech savvy, you probably know the reason behind this, but for beginners, here are some details you need to know about mirror sites.

What is a Mirror Site?

A mirror site is a website or sometimes a set of files on a computer server which is duplicated to another computer server. The purpose of creating a mirror site is to provide several copies of the website or files in various places. Though these are copies, each website has a different URL but identical to the principal site. Because of this, a mirror site is regularly updated to assure it has similar contents with the original one.

Aside from creating copies of a website, mirror site also has other benefits. Below are the reasons why mirror sites are useful.

#1 A Solution to Website Traffic

Excessive traffic on a website causes the time loading to increase. It becomes frustrating for a viewer to access the webpage because it takes time for the content to load. Using mirror traffic eases the problem of website traffic. It distributes the larger demand to prevent the system from failing. It ensures better availability and faster webpage loading. Hence, a viewer can browse, download and upload a data hassle-free.

#2 Allows Viewers from Different Locations to Access the Source

Another advantage of a mirror site is its ability to allow access to various viewers from different geographical locations. A mirrored website server is usually located on different continents from the principal site. In this manner, a viewer from another continent can easily access the website faster.

#3 Offers a Reserve Copy

Remember that a mirrored web server is an exact copy of the original website. Therefore, it also serves as a secondary archive of information. Hence, if a data in the principal webpage is not accessible, the mirror site can provide you the set of files.

#4 Information are Accessible to Places with Government Restrictions

Some countries prohibit a viewer from accessing a particular website. For example, Pirate Bay is not available in several countries because of government law regarding copyrights and media pirating. A mirror website helps you to access the said website despite the government blocking this source. So, if you need to download files using Pirate Bay, all you have to do is visit a mirror website.

What are the Mirror Sites for Pirate Bay?

You are probably wondering what the mirror sites are for Pirate Bay. If you can’t access this source from your location, below are the top reliable mirrored web servers for Pirate Bay. See the list below and check this out at PS NAMA.

  • Torrentz2
  • RuTracker
  • 1337x
  • Lime Torrents
  • Zooqle

Aside from Pirate Bay, another website wherein you can download files for free is Torrent. Similar to Pirate Bay, Torrent is also blocked in some countries. And, you might experience Bencoding while accessing this website due to government regulations. Thus, if you want to find out how to fix this problem, see the PS Nama and know the top mirror sites for Torrent.

Bolster Safeguards to Your Child’s Online Activities

Monitoring your child’s online activity should be a necessity instead of an option. You may think that you’re doing your part by handpicking the channels your children can tune to on cable TV, but the Internet is an alternative, open medium, with a wide variety of content that’s helpful, harmful, or benign. The programs you don’t want your kids to watch on TV can easily be downloaded or streamed online, watched in private and at their own pace. Unless you intend to ground your children and go Amish on the Internet, you have to consider control alternatives that wouldn’t filter the best the Web has to offer.

Online Security Is Priority

Why is parental control necessary, and why should you maximize its use for your kids? Security is the first concern that comes to mind. Think of the social network sites that give anyone free lease to provide and access information, most of which are personal and very sensitive. The thought of your child exchanging private messages with an unknown user from an unknown location should make you shudder. This is meant to remind you of kidnapping cases gone wrong, those that start with casual online chats, and ending in private, clandestine meetings. You have a responsibility to protect your child from the bully at school and from the predators that lurk online.

Beware of the Roads Less Traveled

The Internet is like a city with parks, malls, clubhouses, and convenience stores. It also has dark alleys and places you and your children shouldn’t venture out to. The Web is a neutral medium, but this means that anyone can post or do anything they like, often with impunity. You don’t want your children interacting with such people. On the flipside, much of the content available online are considered obscene or offensive, offered with explicit warnings. Pornography and violence corrupt minds, whether real or simulated. Anything new and popular goes viral within days, and it’s easy enough to access content with the right keyword search and by bypassing the first few pages of adult content precautions.

Protection from Binge Spending, Fraud, and Identity Theft

Shopping is as convenient as it gets, with eBay and Amazon considered. This should be an advantage by default, but it’s a problem when your children have their own bank and credit accounts, or worse, theyhave easy access to yours. You don’t want your children maxing out your credit card on a life-size,collectible Iron Man replica, much less on imported electronics you have the vaguest idea in purposeand design. Parental controls willrestrict your child’s online activity, but it’s for the best. You’ll havefewer worries with services that monitor and limit online activity at home, and hopefully in all the otherplaces your child may go to loosen the chokehold. You may want to see for yourself how spy apps or trackers like Spyzie can help you when it comes to monitoring your child’s online activities.

The measure isn’t as foolproof as you would expect, but it’s effective. The challenge is in staying vigilant,as there are suspicious sites and entities that manage to squeeze their way and wares throughseemingly banal channels. Clicking a single pop-up is all it takes for restricted content to come rushingin, and you shouldn’t underestimate your child’s ability to crack the code of your barriers. Sign up foronline parental control services or install software for the purpose. Protect your child from the dangersand costs ofunscrupulous online activities.

Finding Delicious but Guilt-Free Treats for Celiac Disease Patients

For most people, a rich chocolate cake frosted with fudge or topped by cream and strawberries would be the ultimate dessert – rich, decadent, and very satisfying. However, most people with celiac disease avoid anything with flour. As a result, they usually abstain from indulging not only in cakes but also all other desserts as well. The same goes for America’s all-time favorite food – pizza. Since pizza crust is usually made from flour, which is from wheat, celiac disease patients try to avoid eating pizza altogether.

However, many recipes today make it possible to create guilt-free desserts and treats for celiacs. A completely new culinary movement is coming up with substitutes for wheat flour. As a result, it has been discovered that chickpea, almond and tapioca flour all function as well as wheat flour in dessert construction, as well as pizza crust-making. If you want to learn how gluten-free pizza is made, you can search for instructions online.

On the other hand, if you want a few fancy desserts fit for celiacs, you’ll be happy to know that you can now enjoy cakes and other treats without feeling guilty or suffering uncomfortable consequences.

If you don’t want to bake but still want to have something nice and sweet at the end of a meal, you can make a few tidbits. At the top of the list would be a truly guilt-free dessert for celiacs: gluten-free fudge brownie because, as any chocoholic will tell you, there is nothing like a rich, decadent brownie to chase the blues away.

Here’s a simple recipe to get you started with creating gluten-free desserts and treats to make coping with your condition so much easier:

Gluten Free Fudge Brownies


  • 2/3 cup cornstarch
  • 2 3/4 cup gluten-free baking mix
  • 3/4  cup white sugar
  • 1 1/4 cup brown sugar, well packed
  • 3/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 scant teaspoon baking soda
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 3/4 cup margarine, melted


Mix cornstarch, white and brown sugar, baking mix, cocoa powder, and baking soda in a bowl using a wire whisk. Try to make the lumps smoother. Add eggs and melted margarine, and then beat in one direction for about 150 strokes with a wooden spoon to combine ingredients only until smooth. If you are using an electric mixer, set on low and mix for 3 to 5 minutes.

Using a line an 8X8 baking pan, bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 175 degrees Centigrade in a preheated oven for 40 to 45 minutes or use the toothpick test at 38 minutes. You can garnish this recipe with gluten-free walnut slivers to make your brownies more festive or you can lightly and strategically place 16 large half cherries so each bar will have one.

This simple recipe is sure to make you see that being a celiac does not mean the end of desserts for you. With all the available gluten-free ingredients today, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot create a guilt-free dessert for celiacs so that your meals can end with a sweet, sweet smile.


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